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How to Create Uplay Account without a Phone Number?

Create Uplay Account without a Phone Number

What is Ubisoft? Ubisoft is a multinational corporation originating from a French family-run business. They work on sophisticated software products, mostly mobile, PC, and console games that have secured a long-standing reputation for their quality and level of engagement. 

Completing a Uplay account would grant you access to the company’s store, and respectively let you play most of their titles. You need personal information to create an account, including your phone number. This piece of data helps them identify you and protect information from potential hacks.

What is Uplay

Why You Need a Uplay Account

You can buy numerous titles in the Store and start playing them from the library, a feature backed up by the multiplayer mode. Invite other Uplay account users through the friendliest, and if they have the game, they will be able to accept.

Multiplayer mode extends with the Ubisoft Connect. It is a cross-platform ecosystem of game services connecting friends in one match disregarding the platform. Since the account is uniform, you can access your in-game progress anytime. Moreover, you can check your statistics after you create Uplay account.

Registering an account will also let you obtain exclusive things. En mass, these include cosmetics and skins for your characters and weapons. Sometimes Ubisoft shares free trials or early access for upcoming games, gives new items, or invites authorized users to join big events related to their games. 

What is Ubisoft doing to bring benefits for signed-up users, apart from that? Using an account adds extra comfort with features like a shopping cart, wishlist, gifts, and favorite games. These are the titles you can’t buy yet but have saved for later. They also run a loyalty program, rewarding you with exclusive items, free games, discounts, etc. 

Furthermore, they run a Ubisoft Plus subscription, allowing Uplay account users to play dozens of the newest games for a month and get even more items by paying just one fee. They also run the support service, housing replies to burning questions and letting you ask one on forums.

ubisoft app

What is Ubisoft Account Registration Like?

Your account functions through the phone number and email submission, the key pieces to maintain data security and smooth procession of information. They use this information for account recovery and signing in if you forget the password. To create Uplay account, you will also need your nickname and birthdate.

Afterward, entering your account will be smooth and easy. But the step for phone verification still causes various concerns, related to personal privacy. When you link your number and other info to the databases of big companies like Ubisoft, you expose it for potential misuse, data breach, and so on.

You can bypass Uplay activation code and share a virtual number instead. It will accept the code as usual, but the number will be inactive after the first submission. This feature ensures there will be no trace leading to your, enabling you to start using the account anonymously. If you wonder how these numbers work, check out the following section.

Virtual Number Submission to Create Uplay Account

Virtual number confirmation is a security tactic often employed during the signup for online apps and services, such as Uplay account. It takes a temporary number to receive verification SMS codes instead of a SIM version. This method is essential for safeguarding user identity and boosting privacy by reducing the risk of data breaches.

This number operates just like regular info but is used for one-time or short-term needs during registration. Adopting this option is especially useful in shielding users from spam and unauthorized contacts. When completing Uplay register process, disclosing personal info can lead to unsolicited calls and texts, or even expose you to fraud. 

Virtual numbers help avoid these risks by acting as an intermediary; they receive the necessary SMS messages to complete verification without tying personal info to various online accounts. This approach becomes vital when personal data is a frequent target of third parties.

In practical terms, what is Ubisoft account creation like using a virtual number? It means choosing one from a provider like SMS-Man and using it when a phone number is needed during account setup.

virtual phone number

Here is a guide on how to purchase and use one, step-by-step:

  1. Visit, create or sign in to your account.
  2. Add a small sum to your balance in the side area.
  3. Click on ‘purchase SMS’ on the main page.
  4. On the new page, select the service and the nation.
  5. Find the virtual number in your History.
  6. Specify it, request a code.
  7. Return to the website, press ‘receive SMS’ in your cabinet.
  8. Copy the code to complete the activation of your Uplay account.

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