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How to Use Affirm without a Phone Number?

Affirm without a Phone Number

First things first, what is Affirm focusing on? Affirm is a 2012-launched technological firm offering loans to shoppers via the buy-now-pay-later model. You can purchase new products, get them on hand, yet pay for them afterward in several installments. This service is perfect for those who need to buy things urgently yet face financial challenges.

Affirm collaborates with thousands of merchants within the US & Canada. Their affiliated partners include both online retailers or marketplace platforms and physical stores from various industries. You can download the app and get cleared on ‘What is Affirm?’ by yourself, or browse this piece to prepare in advance.


What is Affirm App?

Affirm is helping consumers buy items without going into money-guzzling debt. As more people purchase online & offline with credit funds, the BNPL model can be really useful.

While checking out for the product, the user can choose app as a payment option. But how to use Affirm after this? The customer enters into an agreement to receive a certain amount, covering the bill. It’s effectively a short-term microcredit that buyers must pay back in several installments. But first, they add a small down payment. 

The repayment program can be three, four, six or twelve months, depending on the amount. The first installment is the down payment, subsequent payments are made at predetermined intervals. So, ‘what is Affirm’ regarding interest rates? Users may pay total amount and the 36% interest if their credit and repayment history is poor. But there are no other interest charges, late fees, or hidden fees.

The loan funds are not provided by Affirm but rather by affiliated credit organizations, so it’s not a bank. Now, ‘what is Affirm’ in terms of its general acceptance? The app serves as a payment solution at over 235,000 online and offline stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Adidas, Peloton, and more. 

To avoid any confusion, the list of supported merchants is available on their corporate website. Notably, vendors receive the full payment amount without delay or concerns. You can use Affirm via the mobile app, the official website, or on the sellers’ websites. So, if you want to give Affirm a try and make purchases with the ‘buy now, pay later” option, create an Affirm account! The next section will explain how to do so.

affirm app

How to create Affirm account?

They only provide their pay-over-time services to users from American and Canadian territories, plus the companies who want to join Affirm’s partner program have to maintain some presence out there. So, it’s a North American-specific application. If you feel like meeting these nuances, consider one of three options to Affirm registration:

  1. Sign Up Via Partner Website
  2. Complete an Account via Mobile App
  3. Register Using Official App

Regardless of your choice, you need to input your mobile number, first and last name, contact email, and the initial four digits of your Social Security Number, then click ‘create account.’ When signing up for an Affirm account through an affiliate’s website, you initially select Affirm as your payment method and subsequently confirm the checkout.

Why is Affirm asking for phone number?  Affirm requires your mobile number to prove that you’re the person who created an account. Whenever you log in to the Affirm account, you enter the number and confirm the verification SMS code. 

The usefulness of this security system is questionable since they never call or text you. You can effortlessly provide a fictitious number that only needs to receive messages. If you’re American and wish to avoid receiving unsolicited or spam calls due to leaked data, consider using SMS-man’s virtual phone numbers. Below is how they can help you and how to use Affirm with one of them.

How to create Affirm account without a Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is so called because unlike a traditional SIM card, you can get one online. Unlike a regular phone number, they can only be used to receive SMS messages. However, they are ideal for signing up to most social networks, messengers and apps, including Affirm.

The SMS-Man platform offers virtual phone numbers from 180+ countries that can be used to activate accounts in most apps and web services. Thus, it is a great opportunity to perform SMS verification in your chosen service without using a real phone.

virtual phone number from sms man

Step-by-step instructions on how to register with a virtual number:

  1. Visit, register and log in.
  2. Open the “Top up my balance” tab and make a deposit.
  3. Click on “Get SMS”, then select your country and Affirm service.
  4. Click on “Buy SMS”, then find the phone number in the history section and copy it.
  5. Start registration with Affirm using your virtual phone number.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and click ” Receive SMS” to view your confirmation code.
  7. Enter the code to complete your registration.

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