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How to Create New IRCTC Account without a Phone Number?

New IRCTC Account

Before going down for the IRCTC account setup details, let’s find out what this acronym stands for first. IRCTC is the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, a state-run institution that supports governmental rules for ticketing, catering supervision, & hospitality services when it comes to railway, plane, cruise, or bus travel.

IRCTC runs an application for global and local users willing to check information about some services, book tickets to needed locations, order hotel rooms, and avail tour programs or many other things. See the following piece to dive deeper into how to complete an IRCTC account & which specific things it offers.


How Can an IRCTC Account Help You?

IRCTC was established as an Internet website in 1998, The service has since extended to a mobile app and attracted 20M+ users, who enjoy the following valuable functions:

  • Tourist, hill & charter train seat reservation
  • Bus, cruise & flight ticket purchasing
  • Digital food ordering
  • Apartment bookings
  • Info bureau called Rail Drishti
  • Gallery with pictures of stations & landmarks

Turns out, this is a huge digital ecosystem with many things inside. Now, what is IRCTC train booking like? One can set particular trains from & to certain destinations, choose a level of service & departure time, and opt for specific categories like ‘Ladies’, ‘Passengers with Disabilities’, etc.

The passengers can request food delivery from restaurants around the station of departure or destination. This feature may not be present in some places, as India’s territory is large and sometimes too challenging to access via cars & bikes.

What is IRCTC doing to maintain bus, flight & cruise booking? Each type follows similar principles to the train reservation—just pick the time, location & number of passengers, and choose the right slot. They let the users pick some additional features like food delivery. However, cruise traveling requires the user’s contact data to connect to the agents.

They offer tours with a pre-specified timeframe, location, food, check-in hotels, etc. Passengers can choose from many categories, like type of transport, purpose, or original location. It can become a fancy option for tourists who want to travel in full comfort or with a company.

What else can an IRCTC account be useful for? You can book hotels across India at low, medium & premium rates, and use the in-app wallet, loyalty programs, and payment gateway features. They also offer an information center called Rail Drishti, where they publish news and other types of content. But to avail it, you’ll have to undergo a nuanced registration process.

irctc website

How to Create IRCTC Account?

The service community team has kindly explained how to create IRCTC account with no hassle. Here is its brief overview based on the provided screenshots:

  • Create a username and passphrase (supposedly)
  • Choose the preferred language
  • Answer a security question of choice
  • Specify your name, whether you’re married/unmarried, gender & birthdate
  • Pick your account type (Public/Private)

Then, you will have to provide the mandatory email address & mobile number data. Later during the IRCTC account setup, you will need to send address details, including:

  • House number (supposedly)
  • Street/lane (optional)
  • Area/locality (optional)
  • City & District

You can set whether they should or shouldn’t copy the residential details for future interactions. After the registration, you will need to verify the email & phone data via letters and OTP codes. When you’re done, proceed to your new IRCTC account and enjoy the website. Notably, you can fake the mobile number to increase anonymity.

Virtual Phone Number for IRCTC Registration

Virtual numbers offer a high level of internet security in return for limited functionality with no calls and texting available. You can only accept SMS messages, which makes these numbers a great tool for anonymous registration on the services that request mobile numbers. As they’re cloud-based and undocumented, you can make them everywhere.

You can buy a virtual phone number for IRCTC registration, and it will not catch you sharing this substitute data. It won’t solve the email & address issues, but at least your main number will stay untouched. SMS-man sells two versions of these numbers: for rental & single purchase, with the latter being fit for one sign-on in a specific service. These numbers are affordable at a price of <1$.

virtual phone number from sms man

If you’re interested, check this:

  1. Join SMS-man using a Google+ account.
  2. Deposit money via the ‘top up’ button above.
  3. Pick country (India) and service, click ‘buy SMS’.
  4. Find the number in your personal profile.
  5. Copy it, use during registration.
  6. During the verification phase, return to the profile and click ‘receive SMS’.
  7. Complete the IRCTC account creation process.

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