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How to Unlock Blizzard Account?

How to Unlock Blizzard Account

Did you just receive a “Your account has been locked” notification from Blizzard Entertainment? Are you now scouring the internet looking for reasons and ways to unlock your account and get back into WoW or other Blizzard games? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we’ll find out why the service is locking accounts, what you can do about it, and how to get an additional phone number to register a new Blizzard account to fix the situation.

Blizzard Account

Why is Your Blizzard Account Blocked?

Temporary or kind of «soft» lock due to suspicious activity:

  • You have not logged in to your account for a long time. If you haven’t logged in to your account in a long time, may block your account for suspicious activity.
  • Logging in from an unfamiliar device. Since Blizzard remembers all the devices you’ve logged into the game from before, it also requires verification to make sure you’re a registered user.
  • Suspension or ban for violating the Code of Conduct or the End-User License Agreement. The more frequently you break the rules, the harsher penalty will be.

How to Unlock Blizzard Account?

Let’s break down all the situations where you can appeal and unlock your account.

Case + Solution #1. «Soft» Locking due to Suspicious Activity

If you have discovered your account locked after a long delay, look for an email from Blizzard with a password change link, and reset the password by following the link. If you cannot find the link, go to Blizzard account management and change the password there. To regain access, make a ticket for Customer Support providing an explanation.

In case of logging in from an unkown device, the steps are the same.

If your account was compromised, after changing the password, it’s also advisable to strengthen your account protection by activating the Blizzard Authenticator. It will significantly reduce the risk of hacking and blocking.

Case + Solution #2. Blizzard Account Blocked due to Violation of Rules

Any form of inappropriate behavior that goes against Blizzard’s End-User License Agreement and the Code of Conduct, and distracts the harmonious atmosphere of the community, is forbidden.

Among other things, Blizzard forbids:

  • Any insults towards other players, discrimination, incitement to hate.
  • Choosing a BattleTag that is offensive to the community.
  • Any kind of cheating, including using external scripts to automate any aspect of the games.
  • Using bugs in games to your advantage and sharing the same account Blizzard also considers a scam.

If you feel that your Blizzard account blocked unfairly, you can submit an appeal to Customer Support and explain a situation. Or if your account has been compromised, and you are not the one responsible for breaking the rules, follow the instructions in the previous case.

What’s more, if you are looking for a way to create new Blizzard account which can be an exit as well, to complete verification, you will need an extra phone number. For this purpose, auto-generated virtual phone numbers for receiving SMS are very helpful.

How to Create New Blizzard Account Using a Virtual Phone Number?

With this cloud technology, you can enhance your online anonymity and ensure utmost data security. The app you’re using won’t even notice a change, as it will function as if you applied your actual phone number. You can buy a one-time number from SMS-Man for less than $1 or rent it for a longer period. Our platform supports mobile providers from over 190 countries, providing a database of valid numbers for over 1500 online platforms and applications.

virtual phone number for blizzard

To buy a fake phone number for Blizzard account, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a profile at or log in using an email or social network account.
  2. Top up your balance by tapping «Top Up» in the upper right corner. A one-time private number for Blizzard costs $0.22.
  3. At the «Receive SMS» tab, choose one of the suggested countries and «Blizzard» service, then click the purchase button.
  4. Scroll down the order page to the History section and copy the purchased phone number.
  5. Enter another tab for Blizzard registration and submit the number.
  6. To receive the confirmation code, return to the SMS-Man page and tap the buy button next to the phone number.
  7. Apply the code.

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