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How to sign up in QQ without telephone? Registration

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Tencent QQ is the most popular messenger in China, which has recently begun to gain popularity in Russia and other CIS countries. Like most other services and social networks in China, QQ was copied from competitors. In this article I will help to sign up in QQ from any country

Early versions of the Chinese messenger were very similar to the forgotten ICQ program, and over time, the functionality and interface began to resemble Live Messenger.

For the Russian-speaking population, there is a big problem when registering, since the official website of the messenger is completely in Chinese.

On our website, you can buy a virtual number for registration in QQ for 0.10$ and sign up in the messenger without a SIM card. At the end of the article there will be a detailed instruction on how to do this.

QQ sign up using a smartphone

It is worth noting right away that QQ account registration in Russian is not available, but with the international version of the site and our step-by-step instructions, creating a QQ account will not be difficult for you.

To do this:

1. Follow the link and click on the “Download” button.qq registration 2021.

2. Confirm the download of the file.After installation, open the QQ application and click “Sign Up”. Create a qq account.

qq registration
3. Next, you need to go through SMS activation. Select the country of your mobile operator and enter the phone number.

4. Enter the SMS code to activate the QQ account.

5. We come up with a nickname for ourselves.

6. After that, your personal ID will appear. Save it in a safe place and come up with a password for it.

That’s it, QQ account registration is completed. Later in the article, we will look at how you can get multiple profiles and where it is better to buy virtual numbers for receiving QQ SMS.

qq registration

Buy a ready-made QQ account or find it for free?

Let’s decide what is better to buy a ready-made QQ account or find QQ accounts on the Internet for free? Neither one nor the other. No one will offer you QQ accounts for free. Judge for yourself – would you give out your pages registered on your personal phone to strangers?

If you are going to buy a QQ account, then there are some disadvantages here:

  • firstly, such pages are quickly blocked by the security service of the Chinese messenger.
  • Secondly, such profiles are not cheap at all.

The most convenient and inexpensive option is virtual numbers for receiving sms QQ. With the help of which, you will be able to create many profiles yourself.

qq registration

Buy virtual numbers for QQ

If you want to buy virtual numbers for receiving sms QQ, then you can easily do it on the resource Here you can choose a mobile operator from many countries, including China. Buy virtual numbers for receiving sms QQ on for 0.10$ – you will not find such a price on any other resource.

A large number of payment systems are available, so virtual numbers for receiving QQ SMS can be purchased for rubles, dollars and even cryptocurrency.

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