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How to register Zoho Mail account without phone number

Register Zoho Mail account without phone number

Zoho Corporation is India’s largest product IT company. In 2020, it has 10,000 employees and a turnover of $590 million.
Zoho makes digital products that are used all over the world. The best known among them are CRM, a customer relationship management system, and Zoho Office Suite, a Microsoft Office analog.

Application package features

Zoho includes free online document editors, a set of integrated business applications, a system of user administration and data backup. It contains everything you need to work with office documents, as well as real-time communication tools.

So, as you know, Zoho is a world champion in creating SaaS services for small businesses. To make customer life easier and more enjoyable, they’ve created an office suite of the 9 most in-demand applications – Workplace. It includes Mail, Writer, Sheet spreadsheet, Show presentation editor (with a tool for interactive presentations Zoho ShowTime), cloud storage Docs, site builder Sites, internal messenger Chat, corporate social network Social. zoho account

Generally, Zoho Mail service is one of the leaders among companies that provide email services to corporations and business offices. This is a great email hosting option for business: no intrusive advertising, a good set of features in the free version of the mail, additional services are provided with good quality at a low price.This is a great mailbox option for business people who have business correspondence.Moreover, Zoho Mailbox has roomy storage and the ability to integrate with online services, including instant messaging.


Signing up for Zoho Mail without a phone number

So, you only need to enter your contact e-mail to register with Zoho Mail, but you may need to enter your cell phone number to use additional features of the application. Some users try not to indicate their personal phone number on third-party Internet resources to save personal data.
In this case, you can use a virtual number, which is purchased for one-time use, and it receives an SMS-message with an activation code. This message will appear on the site of the corresponding online service.
Sequence of registration on Zoho, login with virtual number.

1. Firstly, register on the site that provides the service of virtual phone number – Sms-man and top up your balance.
2. Secondly, go to Zoho application.
3. Thirdly, if needed you should enter in line the received one-time virtual number.
4. Get an activation code for this number.
5. Find required SMS on the site, where you bought virtual number.
6. In conclusion, enter activation code to access Mail.
7. Use required package of additional services.

You can also get a free number to sign up for the Telegram Channel! zoho account

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