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How to Sign Up for Tagged App without a Phone Number

Tagged app

Creating new friendships or partnerships is really easy in modern days. There are a lot of online services for these purposes. Most often they serve them both at the same time. However, it is still like each service is more suitable for one rather than another purpose. For example, those who want to find a new partner are better to use services like Tinder. On the other hand, people that are searching for new friends or simply other people to spend some of their free time with, have such platforms as Tagged to fit these goals perfectly. In this article, we are going to talk exactly about the Tagged app that is currently considered one of the most popular services in its niche. See what is this project and how to sign up for it without a phone number. This will be useful for those who don’t have an available mobile phone number as well as those who want to create multiple accounts on this platform.

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What is Tagged?

Tagged is a mobile app for chatting, meeting, and dating new people. It was launched in 2010 on iOS. Now it is available not only on iOS but also Android and has over 300 million users overall including nearly 25 active users each month. Even though it is based in the United States, its biggest part of the audience is represented by users from other countries making it a popular choice worldwide. It provides people with the following features:

  • Quick chatting;
  • Matches;
  • Finding people nearby;
  • Live streams;
  • Games and others.

In general, it is like other similar apps. It has well-known features and is less likely to cause any difficulties to users who used apps of this kind before. But it doesn’t mean that in this case there is no point in trying it. Every social networking service has a unique community. So it’s worth it at least in terms of meeting new people that are not registered with other apps.

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Is it necessary to use a phone number for Tagged account registration?

There is no actual need to use a phone number to sign up for such an account. Moreover, registration on this social network is so easy that it could be done in literally a few clicks. It doesn’t depend on which of the two available registration ways you choose. Those ways are registration with an email address and registration with a profile on Google, Facebook, and Apple. Both of them are easy to use and ensure a smooth as well as quick process of creating an account.

How to create an account on the Tagged app without a number?

First of all, decide whether you are going to sign up for a profile via browser or mobile app. Tagged provides users with multiple options in this case too. Created account will be available for use on both versions of the service so there is nothing to worry about. You can switch between them at any time. We will explain how to create a Tagged account on the mobile app as it is a more popular and stable way:

1. Download and install the official mobile app for Android or iOS from an appropriate online store.

Tagged app on Google Play

2. Open the app and choose the registration method. We will continue with an email address.

3. Enter an email address and set up a password for the account, then enter other data such as name, date of birth, and so on.

4. Click on “Create account”.

5. Set up a profile photo.

6. Verify the email address by opening the link from the received letter or entering the verification code from it.

7. Get access to your new account.

You can clearly see that there is nothing difficult about signing up for the Tagged app without a phone number. You can also do this with a profile on some online services. In that case, the process will take even less time. However, the app will get all data from this profile which means that you will be able to change it only after registration.

Temporary phone number for Tagged

It is surely not necessary to use a phone number when signing up for this app. But some users still may face such a need. Most often it is required due to suspicious activity. For example, when using free VPN services during registration or trying to create multiple accounts. If for some reason doing this with a personal phone number is not an option, then consider using temporary phone numbers. You can get them with SMS-Man. Just sign up for the platform, top up your balance, choose the country of cellular carrier on the main page, and purchase a temporary number for the Tagged app in this country. The process is simple.

Temporary number for free

Need a temporary phone number but don’t want to pay for services? Then there is also a solution. You can use our free temporary numbers. They are presented on this page and provided specifically for those who want to register a Tagged account with a temporary phone number not paying anything. Everything there to do is to copy the active number and use it for the intended purpose.

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