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How to register a Yandex fake profile?

How to register a Yandex fake profile?

Yandex is one of the most influential players in the global IT market. Most Internet users associate it with the search engine in the first place. However, it offers a vast range of varied online services for entertainment, communication, and running a business as well. It started as a platform for Russian-speaking countries mainly, but it keeps on entering new markets year after year.

Another advantage is that a user can get access to all the services offered by Yandex via one registration procedure only. It is enough to open the corresponding email address, and the system will provide accounts on all the other sources by this company automatically.

The audience of this platform is constantly growing, so many businesses strive to actively use it for advertising diversified products. For this purpose, they usually create multiple technical pages. Luckily, registering such a Yandex fake email is easy and quick.

The only difficulty we must mention right away is that you must link a mobile number to each profile. The most obvious way out is to buy SIM cards in bulk for that. But just imagine how much that will cost!

And we can help reduce those expenses by dozens of times – go to our store Sms-man and buy virtual numbers for verification on Yandex from $0,07. You can safely enter such a number in a sign-up form and then receive an activation code to it. Afterward, our system will deactivate it automatically. In practice, you are not likely to need it anymore.

How to get a Yandex fake account?

How to get a Yandex fake account?

  1. Sign up for our SMS verification service.

Register at sms-man.com to get a Yandex fake account

2. Select a convenient method and deposit your balance.

Deposit your balance to register a Yandex fake account

3. Go to our home page and find the number, which will suit your needs the most. We have added search bars for your convenience.

Buy a disposable number for your Yandex fake email

4. Copy the number for your Yandex fake email.

Copy a virtual number for your Yandex fake email

5. Go to the website of the mail service.

Register your Yandex fake email

6. Press the button “Registration”.

Create a fake Yandex mail

3. Fill in the form. Enter the disposable number from our store.

Fill in the registration form for your fake Yandex mail

4. For receiving a code for confirmation, return to your cabinet at sms-man.com and click “Get SMS”.

Receive a verification code for your Yandex fake profile

5. After you fill in all the personal information and click “Register”, your account will be ready for use. Now, you can access any services by Yandex without any limitations.

In addition, we would like to offer you to use our platform for verification on other popular websites. We provide more than 500 different services, including SMS activation on Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram.

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