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How to register a TikTok account in countries that are banned

where is TikTok banned

Every day we hear about giving people more freedom. However, despite this, the internet is regularly getting stricter. Some online services prohibit use for people from certain countries while other countries block certain services for their citizens. In both cases, it becomes impossible to use a website or app for a specific user. This is a pretty common situation these days. To see this, it is enough to tell where is TikTok banned. This simple platform for sharing and watching short videos cannot be accessed in many countries. But this is not really a problem for those who want to use it. Here is how to get around those restrictions and register an account on that service.

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What countries have banned TikTok?

TikTok is a mobile app from China. Since its appearance on the market, it has received 16 state bans in the US and has been involved in a lot of controversies. Although most of them were against the US and EU, it is banned not only in parts of those areas. Moreover, it is also banned in China. In order to enjoy video content people from their country of origin have to use another app called Douyin. The rest of TikTok banned countries list includes the following countries:

  • India;
  • Pakistan;
  • Afghanistan;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Indonesia.

However, after fixing certain issues, most of those countries have mostly removed their restrictions. For example, at this moment there are almost no issues with using TikTok from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. You are still facing them or living in either India or Afghanistan? Here is a solution.

How to create an account in countries where is TikTok banned?

There is nothing really difficult about this process. Users just need to have and use two things. The first one is VPN or proxy. With the use of this software, users might appear to be from another country and change their online location. Using it is necessary to at least download and get access to the app. Then it comes to signing up for an account as the next step. But how to do this with a mobile phone number from the country that banned this service? Just register a fake TikTok account using a temporary number.

Using a temporary phone number

Such a tool might seem difficult to use at first glance. This is especially relevant for those who are going to sign up for the banned app for the very first time. You don’t have to worry about it being complicated though because it is not. It is only necessary to get a phone number of that kind. It works in the same way as a regular number on a mobile phone so using it is not a problem. Getting a temporary number is possible in this way:

1. Register a new account on service.

2. Select among available payment methods one that suits you most and use it for balance replenishment.

3. Choose the country of origin for the temporary phone number. It should be a country that didn’t ban TikTok.

4. Search for TikTok on the list of online services.

5. Click on the buy button on the right side to the name of the app.

You will get a temporary number as a result. It is fully compatible with the selected service and can be used to create a fake TikTok account right away. This is pretty easy to do. Just put it on the registration form of the app like your own phone number and send the verification code. After completing the previous step open our website once again and press “Get SMS”. Now just finish registration with the revealed code. There is no more need in worrying about where is TikTok banned. You can always bypass geo-restrictions with temporary phone numbers.

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