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Disposable Phone Number to Protect Your Privacy


Why and who hacks accounts? How to protect your account? What is 2-step verification? What is information security? In this article, we will understand how to use Phone Number to Protect Your Privacy.

Why someone hack accounts? Who benefits from it?

‘Hi! Can you borrow $10? It’s urgent, I’ll pay you back tomorrow!’ Ever get a message like this from a friend on instagram or another social network or messenger? If so, your friend or friend has probably been hacked. Account hacking is a very lucrative and illegal business. Some hackers hack into accounts to order: for example, for those special people who need to know who and what a person is communicating with, or for blackmail purposes – who knows what kind of personal stuff we have in our correspondence? Others hack into as many random accounts as possible in order to send out fraudulent newsletters, asking for money deposits or to promote groups in social networks (in promoted groups you can sell advertising). So it doesn’t matter how many friends you have or how popular you are, your account can still get hacked.

Is it only social networking sites that get hacked?

Of course not! Hackers also love to hack into emails, because a lot of other things can be registered to your inbox: the same social networks, and, for example, online shop accounts where we leave payment information. And hacked emails can also be used to send spam and fraudulent messages. Hackers have other favorite targets, such as Steam accounts: games and items in the library can be worth up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and once stolen, the account can be sold for a profit.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

None of us are perfect, and sometimes a little carelessness at the wrong moment can lead to a lost password. That’s why many services suggest using so-called two-factor authentication (or 2FA for short) for login. Underneath the complicated words is a very simple idea. Imagine you need to withdraw money from an ATM. To do this, you need two things: something you know, namely a pin code, and something you physically have – a plastic card. These two things are the two factors in authentication. So many services allow you to enable two-factor authentication by texting – like Twitter, Instagram, and Google. So the second factor, in addition to your password (what you know), becomes your phone number.

How to enable 2FA authentication? How with Phone Number to Protect Your Privacy?

Almost every service already has the option to verify the account by phone number. Often it is even mandatory and performs two functions simultaneously: it protects the service from creating empty bots and allows you to better protect your account. If the service does not request verification by phone number when registering an account, then it is most likely this feature is in the security settings. It’s very simple, to connect 2FA by phone you will need to enter your phone number in the service, then you will receive sms-confirmation, enter it in the appropriate field in the service. Done! Now, in case you want to log in from another computer, or someone finds out the password from your account, you need to confirm the authorization by sms, without it the system will not let both you and the intruder to the site, thereby protecting your account.

I don’t have a phone number. I don’t want to enter my phone number on the website.

In this case, you can use sms verification services, such as ours. This is very simple, you just need to register an account at such a service, top up your balance to buy sms, then choose the number country and the service where you want to be sms verified, the system will find you the number, enter this number at your service, then under the number will appear sms with a code, this is the confirmation code.

Disposable Phone Number to Protect Your Privacy

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