How to create second YouTube account

How to make two YouTube accounts

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YouTube became the most popular video hosting on the global Web long ago. Today, it is a leader in terms of traffic ranking. The number of video views reaches 4 billion per day. There, many users advertise their goods and services, sell training courses, post videos, and earn from views.

But, if you want to take full advantage out of the business opportunities offered by YouTube, you will hardly cope without many profiles. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to easily get Youtube app multiple accounts.

How to easily get Youtube app multiple accounts

Registration on this video hosting should be performed via a Google account. And, as you probably know, to sign up for Google, you must pass phone verification. Sure, you cannot use the number linked to your first profile, for your second registration. So, use a virtual one instead.

At our store, you can buy a virtual number to open a second YouTube account for $0,18 only. Convenient interface, affordable prices, multiple payment methods, prompt customer support – all these benefits are provided to the clients of our source.

How to add another account to YouTube with our service (step-by-step guidelines)

Let us discuss the procedure in detail:

  1. Register on our home page.

How to add another account to YouTube - start with registration at

2. Enter the tab “Payment” and choose a convenient method to send a deposit.

Make a payment at to add second YouTube account

3. Return to the home page and type the name of the service needed in the search bar as it is shown in the photo below.

Buy a virtual number to set up second YouTube account

4. Before you press “Buy”, make sure the country selected by default suits your needs or change it.

Choose a country for a virtual number to open a second YouTube account

5. Now, you can set up second YouTube account at See the photo below.

Set up second YouTube account via Google

6. Fill in all the registration lines and invent a unique login for your new Gmail profile.

Fill in the registration form to create second YouTube account

7. Then, you will be redirected to the next form for verifying a mobile number. Enter the virtual number you bought. For that, copy it from the tab “Request History” on our website.

Copy the virtual number to add second YouTube account

8. To this virtual number the system will send a message with an activation code. Again, you can get it in the tab “Request History” by pressing the button “Get SMS”.

Receive an SMS with an activation code to a virtual number to open a second YouTube account

9. Type this code in the registration window and confirm it.

Now, you can use this Google profile to add second YouTube account. And, if you need more profiles on this video hosting, just buy a new virtual number for each of them at our store and pass registration as it is described above.

Why use a VPN when registering?

Using an extension VPN when registering, you can significantly speed up the process. VPN substitutes your IP address, so that bypasses many blockages and your personal data remains inaccessible. It is necessary that the country and IP address match the country number to be used in the registration.

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