Walmart: registration and ordering
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How to make orders on Walmart without a phone number


Walmart is the largest chain of wholesale and retail stores worldwide. Small and medium-sized retail business owners in the U.S. do not welcome it much, but Americans themselves adore it. In 2000, Walmart opened its own giant online store, where you can buy just anything, from food to home appliances.

At the moment, Walmart’s online store company is in serious competition with another giant – Amazon. For this, Walmart has significantly upgraded its resource and began offering the lowest prices, luring away the customers of its competitor. In addition to this, Walmart runs regular “Prime Day” sales.

Купить виртуальный номер для заказа на Walmart (Волмарт)

Worldwide, there are more than 10,000 Walmart stores. In Russia, the American company has not yet opened its representative office, but this does not prevent our residents to shop online.

Problems with a phone number during an order on Walmart

Citizens of many countries often encounter problems with the phone number that must be specified when ordering an item. The American online store cancels the order and displays a message – check the billing data, in particular the phone number.

If you face this problem or just don’t want to use your personal phone to buy items online, then the best option is to use a virtual number for Walmart.

Buy a virtual number for ordering at Walmart

You can buy a virtual number for Walmart and have no problems ordering from the American online resource. You can buy a virtual number for Walmart at a great price on the website.

It costs only 40 cents. It is possible to choose a mobile number from the list of mobile operators from the U.S., which will certainly be validated by the Walmart system. You can pay in dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency. The purchase process is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Buy a virtual number for Walmart (step-by-step instruction):

  1. Open the site and complete a simple registration.
  2. In the “Payment” section recharge your account with a comfortable payment system.
  3. Find Walmart service on the main page and click on it. If it is not on the main list, you can use the search box.
  4. Choose one of the numbers and click “Get”. It is best to give preference to mobile operators from the United States.

The number is added to the personal cabinet. Now you can use it when ordering at Walmart.
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