Buy a virtual number for Qiwi activation for 30 cents
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Buy a virtual number for Qiwi Wallet in 5 minutes


On our site, you can buy a virtual number for Qiwi for only 30 cents. If you need the cheapest Qiwi SMS activation, then you’ve come to the right place.

To speed up the process of purchase we recommend you read the step-by-step instructions on how to buy a virtual number for Qiwi on our website

Why do I need to buy a number for the Qiwi account?

Registration on the payment system Qiwi requires a phone number. It is an ID of a purse, which is indicated when you recharge your balance

On the Internet, you can buy a Qiwi Wallet without SMS confirmation. But that is not a good idea, because at any moment the owner of the phone number to which the purse is registered can access your funds.

If you need to create a Qiwi Wallet without a phone number or create multiple accounts, it is better to buy a virtual number for Qiwi, which is given only once and excludes access to your account by strangers.

купить киви аккаунт без смс

Buy a virtual number for Qiwi Wallet on “Sms-man”

Cheap SMS activation of Qiwi is available to every user on our website. You can buy a Russian virtual number for Qiwi on “Sms-man” for only 30 cents. Moreover, payment is available in dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency. The site is very easy to use, so the purchase will take no more than 5 minutes.

Buy number for Qiwi wallet (step-by-step instructions):

  1. Go to the main page of the site and complete a simple registration.

2. Recharge your account with one of the payment systems. You can also recharge with Qiwi.

3. Go to the main page again and find the Qiwi service on the list. If it isn’t in the list, use the search line and type “Qiwi” in it.

4. In front of the virtual number, click on the “Get” button.

5. The virtual number for Qiwi is added to the “History” section.

6. Enter it when registering a Qiwi Wallet.

7. When you send an SMS with an activation code, go back to the personal cabinet and click “Get”.

8. Copy the code and paste it into the registration field.

Create a password and the Qiwi Wallet is ready to use. A virtual number for the Qiwi Wallet cost us only 30 cents, and the registration itself took no longer than 5 minutes.

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