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How to make Meetme accounts without phone number

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The MeetMe network appeared in 2005, and today it has an audience of more than 15 million users. They spend most of their time communicating exactly on mobile devices (according to the site itself it is about 90% of all participants), first of all, convenience and functionality are valued here. How to complete MeetMe sign up process without phone number?

Main page Meetme

Features of the application

  • Easy and fast registration. Thanks to the absence of confirmation through a cell phone or email, you can start using the application at lightning speed. The only requirement is to enter basic information about yourself and upload a photo;
  • meetme sign up doesn’t force you to fill out long and boring questionnaires. You can start dating only with a name and date of birth. But if you do decide to tell users about yourself, go to edit your profile. There are hundreds of properties to choose from;
  • Dating is designed to be very simple, yet incredibly effective. You immediately have access to a list that is randomly generated. This list includes users who are close to you. This is necessary so that after dating, you can continue to communicate in life;
  • The main feature of the app is online broadcasts. They can serve for anything. At any moment, turn on your camera and show other members what you are doing at the moment. It’s a good way to find friends of interest. Well, if someone likes you, he will certainly write through a handy chat.

How to create a MeetMe account using facebook

You can create an account in several ways. With a facebook account, which is much easier because you don’t have to enter personal information, as it is read from the social network.

1. Create a facebook account.

2. Go to the MeetMe app and click “Log In with Facebook”.

App start page Meetme

























3. Confirm login via Facebook.

Log In Facebook

























4. Fill in information about who you want to meet.
Want to meet
























5. Prove your identity.
My Face

MeetMe sign up via email address

  1. When logging in to the app, click the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Enter your personal info.
  3. Create a username and password and then a message about successful account creation.
  4. The rest of the steps are similar to creating through facebook.

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