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How to make Match account without a phone number?

How to make match

The app has a local search function, which is used to find people who want to meet new people in your area. As practice shows, on large dating sites it can be difficult to attract the attention of other users. This is because there are too many users with similar profiles and it is sometimes difficult to stand out among them. Luckily, Match account offers a paid priority listing in search results to make your profile more visible.

What can give you account?

Through research, psychotherapists have been able to prove that partners who have more in common, the longer they stay together. Sometimes, for greater compatibility, websites use a matching algorithm to highlight the members you would like to see. As this site concentrates on matching personal recommendations you will only be able to communicate with members you will be matched with. Match com provides the option to block members from contacting you. This can be especially useful if you receive too many messages from members you are not interested in. account features

It also gives you the possibility to invite and/or initiate private chats with other users. has an elaborate internal messaging function. It has very good features. Let’s list them: The ability to see when your chatmates are online. The ability to become “invisible” and go to “offline” status.
Real-time updates let you see when your conversation partner is typing in a message.

The site does not allow you to see profiles unless you have registered as a member. This gives a basic level of security. As there is no way to hide your images on Match, anyone will be able to see you.

As usual in dating profiles you can upload multiple images. Match, on the other hand, offers the option to add personal photos and give access to them only to certain users.

All data on is sent over an SSL connection, making it technically impossible for anyone to intercept your messages.

Match is suitable for people who want to find new acquaintances. Users here are looking for love, new friends and interesting social connections. The service is suitable for those who want to find an exciting correspondence or a simple everyday conversation. Also, you can find people registered here to take a trip or a holiday together. It is also possible to find a sexual partner. The site welcomes users of all sexual orientations. The service prohibits the registration of users under the age of majority.

How to create a new Match account?

Initially, you need to register on the “Sms-man” service to purchase a virtual number. The standard form is used. Enter the email address and password for the profile on the site.

Then charge your balance. There are several payment methods on the site. . You can specify one of the convenient options for transferring funds. The amount is entered in a special field. It must be at least 399 rubles.

On the main page choose your country. Type “Match” in the search box and click “Buy”.

sms-man match

We go to the main page of the Sms-man service. Here you need to select the appropriate virtual number. The first stage indicates the country (there are more than 200 options). The second step is to select the PariMatch service. You can find it yourself in the list or register it in the search box. Click the ” Buy ” button to purchase, the funds will be debited from the account.

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