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HABL: how to use?


Hiblocks(HABL) is a blockchain-based social media curation platform that rewards its own users. By minimizing the sharing process, users can curate easily by sharing the contents from other platforms. Hi-Tokens are rewarded accordingly through various activities conducted on the platform.

Collect the contents
you want easily.

From the many contents you see daily,
gather ONLY the contents that you like with
ease and get rewarded from app.

HABL – blockchain-based social network from Korea that will turn the world around. You can rely on perfect algorhytms of encryption, all your personal data is under strict control.

How to use HABL?

  1. You have to download app.
  2. Sign up with mobile phone number
  3. Use it fluently!

Now the main language is Korean, but English will be added soon.




How to get phone number for HABL?

  1. Go to SMS-Man
  2. Pass fast sign up and recharge your account via one of suggested payment methods.
  3. Choose preferred country in list on the main page.
  4. Find HABL in list below.
  5. Buy number

Now you can use that number for OTP SMS in app, it is fast, cheap and simple!

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