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HABL: Create a habl account without phone number

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In this Article I will tell how to create a habl account. And why you need use Virtual Numbers

Hiblocks (HABL) is a blockchain-based social media curation platform that rewards its users. Users can easily curate by sharing content from other platforms such as: Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Naver and Facebook, because the sharing process is minimised as minimised it can. According to the official website, all you need is 10 seconds. You can also create your own social media portfolio by collecting your content scattered across various platforms such as.
YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Naver and Coupang in HABL. Users are rewarded with Hi-Tokens for various activities carried out on a given platform.

Must be mentioned that you can create your own social media that expresses you best! Collect various contents and express yourself in different ways.Collect your favorite music, food, travel, animals and other content from different places, create your own safe haven and similarly share it with your friends. You can download it from AppStore and Google Play for IOS and Android, also there is a

How to get phone number for HABL verification?

  1. Visit SMS-man and create an account with your working email. sms man create account
  2. Afterwards you need to top up your accounts balance
  3. Go to the main page and click on the icon of the country which virtual number you need.
  4. You will see a list with a large quantity of available services. Find HABL. Confirm the receipt by clicking the “BUY” button. Number will be automatically add to your personal account.
  5. Copy the number and paste it in the appropriate tab when registering at the HABL.
  6. Go back to Sms-man.com, open your personal profile and click “Get SMS”.
  7. Enter the activation code, which you will get for confirmation, in the registration form.

How to sign up for habl account without phone number

You can get a virtual number from SMS-MAN. Low prices and a wide range of countries will not leave you without numbers.You can buy a number in several ways, which we will now consider:

  • Buy OTP number – You can buy disposable numbers for registration in the service. You can get no more than one SMS code per number. This method is considered the cheapest.
  • You can also rent a number for a long time. To do this, click on the Rent tab. A limited number of countries and services are available, and the price is much higher. The rental period starts from 1 hour and reaches six months. This is good for those, who need 1 number for multiple services which need more than 1 time verification.
  • API Rent – The latter method is identical in price to the former. Prices are taken from the OTP activation. More suitable for resellers of numbers or those who need to automate the purchase of numbers.

How to use HABL?

  • Firstly you need to download Application from Play Market or AppStore.

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  • Go to SMS-MAN and purchase number for this service. Firstly you need to choose the country from the country list and after it find the service from the according list.
  • Sign up with this number. You can copy it just by clicking on it.
  • On the main page of our website virtual number get sms code and past on registration window
  • Our Account is ready! You can use it.

Now you can use that number for OTP SMS in app, it is fast, cheap and simple!


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