How to create tiktok business account without phone number
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How to create Tiktok business account

business account tiktok

TikTok is a breath of fresh air for many projects, this new social network is developing rapidly and is gaining an increasing share of advertising space. With the right approach, it will make your brand popular, which will certainly affect sales.

Benefits of TikTok business accounts

TikTok is a platform for the most daring and extraordinary ideas, mainly for the young generation. The question arises, which profile do you need- a business or personal? It is important to take that not everyone can effectively promote their business and earn money.

The platform is best suited for those whose business is focused on mass buyers who does not spend a lot of time making a purchase decision. Here are some examples of commercial entities that target the general public:

  • shops of clothing, shoe shop and baby stuff;
  • beauty shop;
  • furniture shop;
  • car and other repair services.

The screenshot below shows successful examples for mass products (this is indicated by the number of subscribers and likes):

Promotion is also suitable for bloggers, regardless of their work experience: both experienced and beginners.

Those who definitely shouldn’t try their luck on this social network are highly specialized projects for which defiant positioning is taboo, such as:

How do business TikTok accounts work?

How do business TikTok accounts work?

The platform is an entertainment social network, therefore, to effectively promote a product, you must follow certain rules:

  1. Showcase your products in mini-reviews format;
  2. In any decent way, get customers to resolve reviews;
  3. Record video announcements dedicated to the release of a new product or any promotion;
  4. Accumulate the questions of your subscribers in the comments under your videos and record from time to time video answers to them;
  5. Regularly post videos with new products from your business;
  6. Publish videos about open vacancies in your company;
  7. There is nothing better than a video portfolio to match your audience’s music;
  8. Your fans will certainly thank you, and will be more willing to give you their money if you take care of it. Record videos with life hacks that will make it easier for your customers to use your products;
  9. Make a video tour of your office and introduce clients to the employees of your company;
  10. Tell the people interesting facts about your company, preferably with beautiful graphs and informative numbers;

All of the above is exactly what the app gives and what it means.

How to create business account on TikTok?

If your project fits organically into the target audience, and you decide to promote your products here, but do not know how todo it right, use our step-by-step instructions:

  1. Fill in the name of the profile (it is best to use the key words for your activity in the name of your business account – type of activity, location of your business, company name or your name);
  2. Add an attention grabbing avatar. Here it is worth stopping at one of the three most proven options:

– a short video or animation instead of a static frame (to attract attention);

– your corporate logo (if working to increase brand awareness);

– your photo (if you want to reduce the distance between you and your clients to a minimum);

– unreviewed story (analogue of stories on Instagram, a great bait to attract a new audience);

– thematic picture (the most popular option, immediately cuts off non-targeted traffic);

  1. Describe your project in a few lines in the profile description. It is best to post unique commercial offers, your contacts, terms of cooperation, etc .;
  2. Place links to your pages on the Internet (official website or other social networks);
  3. Use tape clips;
  4. The most important step is to enable the Pro account. To do this, go to the profile settings and select “Account Management”, click on “Switch to Pro-account” and select the category of your activity. The screenshots below show how to do it:

How to make business account on TikTok

How to improve the effectiveness of TikTok for business account?

It is no different from other social networks in terms of increasing the popularity of any business account. It is not difficult to remember what are benefits: an artificial increase in the number of subscribers, likes, positive comments and views of your content.

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