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How to Log in PicPay without a Phone Number?

How to Log in PicPay without a Phone Number?

Today’s digital wallets seem to be a very convenient and helpful tool to pay bills, make online and in-store shopping. Scan a QR code, and now the purchase is paid. But what’s even nicer, some of them offer profitable discount programs and cashback that allow you to save money. One of the most popular payment applications in Brazil is PicPay.

Do you want to enjoy the convenience of the wallet, but passing PicPay registration with a mobile phone number doesn’t suit you? Then, let’s look at what you can do instead.

Today, let’s explore the PickPay platform’s opportunities as well as figuring out how you can register the service without exposing your actual phone number.

what is picpay

What is PicPay App?

What is PicPay? For many Brazilians, PicPay is one of the leading and most preferred digital wallets for remote payments and money transfers. In fact, it’s much bigger. PicPay is an entire online banking ecosystem that combines a variety of payment solutions, financial and investment services for both individuals and customers.

Yet, over 1.5 million establishments in Brazil have joined forces with PicPay. Thus, using the app, you can easily make payments for your purchases at stores or settle your restaurant bills with a simple QR scan. Another 3.5 million merchants allow you to pay via POS terminals from Cielo, Rede, and Getnet.

Main Services & Features of the PicPay App

What is PicPay speaking of its services? The major service of the app is the opportunities of the PicPay Wallet. You can replenish your wallet balance in several ways: by bank transfer, cash, boleto, contracting loans or via Brazil’s instant payment system PIX.

When it comes to withdrawal of funds, you can cash it out to your bank account, use an ATM or PIX. What’s more, cardholders also earn interest on their cards’ balance.


Other features of PicPay include the following:

  • Payment Card. Having log in PicPay app, you can also order both a credit or debit card — with zero annual fee. Since this is Mastercard Surpreenda, you can collect points for vouchers and use them at partner stores and restaurants.
  • Loans. As for the PicPay loans system, companies and retail stores give you an opportunity to pay in installments — in up to 12 interest-free installments at flexible rates. Besides, there is another way to get a loan — through investments. PicPay brings together those who need a loan and investors who are ready to invest at interest.
  • PicPay Store. The platform’s online marketplace PickPay Store offers various services and products from over 300 stores. Thus, in one app, you can manage your subscriptions to digital and streaming services such as Spotify, Uber, iFood, and Globoplay, reload online games, earn cashback — from AliExpress, Amazon, Netshoes, etc. — as well as getting exclusive promotions and coupons from partner stores.
  • Investment. With your PicPay account, you can invest in a traditional bank deposit, CDI Yield, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as taking a loan from investors.

What’s more, with a PicPay account, you can also replenish the balance of your cell phone.

PicPay Registration without a Phone Number

The only inconvenience of PicPay app is that to get access to all that platform’s features, you will have to disclose your phone number. But sometimes it’s not a good option for personal privacy.

So, If you are looking for an alternative way without giving out your real phone number for PicPay, we recommend you consider using a virtual phone number for receiving SMS messages. Because it is cheap, convenient and easy. Also, you don’t need to buy an additional SIM card or be in Brazil to get a local phone number.

How to get a Virtual Phone Number for PicPay App?

SMS-man provides virtual phone numbers from 180+ countries to register anonymously in over 1000 global and local digital services and applications.

Purchasing a one-time number for PicPay registration will cost you $0.38. Also, if you need multiple registrations in various services, you can consider renting a virtual phone number for a few months. But, Long-term rent is more expensive, for sure.

virtual phone number for picpay

So, how to log in PicPay App without a phone number? Let’s see:

  1. Sign up for sms-man.com via e-mail or social media account.
  2. Make a deposit by clicking the “Top Up my balance” button.
  3. Go back to the main page by clicking “buy SMS”.
  4. Choose Brazil and PicPay app from the list.
  5. Click the purchase button to finalize your order.
  6. Find the “History” section and copy the virtual phone number for PicPay.
  7. Enter it during registration and wait for the confirmation code.
  8. Get the code by clicking “Receive SMS” in the history section.
  9. Use the code to complete the PicPay registration.

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