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How to Create a Botim Account without a Phone Number?

How to Create a Botim Account without a Phone Number

What is Botim? It’s an application for calling and texting. Users can share files, voice and text messages, and make calls in groups or audio/video calls. The platform offers functions similar to competitors like WhatsApp and Telegram but stands out with specific features.

The developers do not charge users for sharing messages or creating the application. But they run a partnership service, allowing businesses to advertise with Botim. The software can boast 1.1M downloads on Google Play, which is huge. What did they find on the platform? What is Botim feature-wise? Check below if you wonder.

Botim App

What is Botim App in Terms of Benefits?

The app was developed by Algento to make communication simpler and safer for all. While doing it, they developed a high-quality calling network using modern security protocols, including end-to-end encryption. Nobody can access the calling logs of users, even the developers.

It also provides P2P and group chats with up to 500 members. They are protected via encryption protocols too, so the experience is secure. The chat rooms provide Botim account owners with common features for messengers, like image, audio, text and file sharing; users can also delete messages, send smiles, stickers, etc.

Additionally, the money processing software within the service lets users replenish their wallet balance, cash out, transfer money to mobile or bank accounts, pay for the products online/offline, and check recent operations. The wallet is considered quite safe and supported by many banks worldwide.

What is their commission policy? They don’t charge Botim account holders for paying with their electronic wallets or money transfers and withdrawals. The customers can get discount coupons from affiliated merchants, or enjoy their ‘Buy One Get One Free’ program, available at some stores and restaurants.

Additionally, the app offers a VIP subscription service. It lets members remove all advertised content, improve video calling quality to the HD level, blur background if needed, get early access to the app’s newest features, and receive a premium badge next to the name.

So, what is Botim, really? It’s a reliable application with all the functions that the modern messenger can provide, collected in a friendly interface and accompanied by overall speed, stability and safety. If interested, consider downloading the software on IOS, Android or PC and creating an account.

What is Botim App in Terms of Benefits

How to Create a Botim Account?

The account creation procedure consists of a few simple steps, required by the application to improve the security.

Below is a stepwise tutorial on how to register on Botim:

  1. Download Botim app, open it
  2. Give permission to use your phone number information.
  3. Provide your mobile phone number information.
  4. Submit a code from an SMS message.
  5. Let them access your gallery.
  6. Enter your name to finish.

The SIM-powered number requirements are typical for most messengers that use double encryption to operate. It’s the key component of the security, allowing the chat history to stay unreachable by third parties. Additionally, you can restore your Botim account using a number.

Moreover, the system asks for your phone contacts so you can easily find and text them within the application. So, Botim needs this piece of information for a good reason. But it’s still recommended not to send your data if you want to protect your web anonymity. How can you sign up avoiding phone number verification? The virtual number can help.

These are the auto-generated numbers that utilize the cloud-based technology that doesn’t need information about your location, device, or documents. Once you download Botim app, you can submit one of them, and the system won’t find out the difference.

How to Pass Botim Login Procedure with Virtual Numbers?

SMS-Man offers virtual numbers to rent or one-time purchases. The first option is great for signups in different services with one number. The one-time number is fit if you need to have a login in one service, such as Betim login.

virtual phone number for BOTIM

Below is a simple guide on how to register Botim account without a phone number:

  1. Go to, sign up an account, and log in.
  2. Deposit some money to your balance (Less than 1 USD is enough).
  3. Select ‘Buy SMS’ at the main page.
  4. Pick your nation and Botim as a service.
  5. Find your virtual number for Botim in the archives, copy it.
  6. Tap it in when required, specify a code.
  7. Click “Receive SMS” in your profile to get verification code.
  8. Complete registration for a Botim account.

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