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How to hide phone number in Telegram on iPhone and Android

hide telegram number

In the modern world, a phone has ceased to be an ordinary means of communication, since accounts on social networks, bank cards and electronic wallets belong to it, so many users are trying to find out how to hide phone number on Telegram. This is possible and fairly straightforward if you follow the instructions. It is important to consider the procedure for different operating systems: Android and IOS.

How to hide phone number on Telegram on any iPhone

To find out how to do it, just follow a few steps from the following instruction:

  • Go to the settings tab, which is located at the bottom of the panel, then find the subsection “Privacy“;

How to hide phone number on Telegram on any iPhone via the tab "Confidentiality"

  • Before you must select “Phone number” in the functionality;

How to hide phone number in Telegram on iOS

  • In the submenu, select who sees the account information. As a rule, the list is universal: no one, everyone, a list of contacts.

How to hide number on Telegram on iPhone - choose who can see your number

As for contacts, these are people who have saved the subscriber’s number on their phone. When using IOS you can make a setting for those who can search the page by their mobile number.

This method is quite practical, but there is a possibility that it will not be possible to protect a mobile phone number 100%.

The above presented method allows you to control access to personal data. So, for example, it is possible to show data to people with whom you are already in correspondence, and restrict access to other users.

How to hide number on Telegram on Android

It doesn’t take a lot of time to do it. Most phones have this function, and to understand the functionality, just go to the settings menu and fix the situation:

  • Go to the settings section, which is located on the side panel;

How to hide number on Android

  • Before you need to open the “Confidentiality” parameters;

How to hide number on Android  - go to "Confidentiality"

  • Open the section “Phone number”;

Telegram hide phone number on Android - go to the "Phone number" tab

  • Before the user must choose who will be able to view the information: everyone, anyone or certain contacts that are in the address book.

Hide phone number on Android - choose who can view your number

Speaking about whether it is possible to hide phone number Telegram, we are faced with many nuances. In practice, it turns out that through the settings in the smartphone or application, it will not be possible to complete the task. Contacts added to the phone book will be able to see your number anyway, as it will be automatically unloaded.

It is recommended to use the service of providing virtual numbers. For example, one of the most popular is the Sms-man company, which offers to buy a virtual number for only 9 cents. Using the service, you are guaranteed to remain anonymous and be able to use telegram for your needs.

This service helps to completely hide your number at the lowest prices and from any device. You can find out more on the service website.

Brief news: how to hide phone number

It is possible. But using the settings in the application or phone will not work 100%. In order to remain anonymous  and not to show your personal phone number, the best option would be to use virtual numbers through specialized services. It is a safe and inexpensive way to hide it in the application. You can use the Sms-man website. There you can buy a virtual number to register in telegram for $0.15, or you can get it for free in the telegram channel.

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