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How to get Indian virtual number to create Mobikwik account

How to get Indian virtual number to create Mobikwik account

Want to buy a temporary indian phone number for Mobikwik, but don’t understand how and where to do it? We can help you solve this problem remotely!

We advise you to buy a virtual phone number for Mobikwik.

Why virtual? And what is it? Let’s understand in order.

Virtual mobile number is your cell phone number, which works without a physical SIM-card inserted into your phone. The number works on the basis of a database connected to the online store, which sells the numbers. That is, you can use the cell phone number without the use of sim-card and documentation. And also you don’t need to go to a mobile operator’s store to buy this number. All work is done remotely over the Internet.

You can buy a virtual number of any country and state on the SMS MAN web site.

How to buy a virtual number in India?

  1. Go to the official website of the seller of SMS MAN virtual numbers
    Go to the main page of the site to enter your personal account. Your purchased virtual numbers will be displayed in your personal account.
  2. Select the country which number you want to buy
    In this case you choose India. If you don’t see the desired country at once, use the search function. It is located on the right side of the represented countries.
  3. Select the application or service you need a virtual number for
    This function is useful if you need a mobile number for quick registration in any application.
    Let’s buy virtual number for Mobikwik for example.
  4. Next you need to buy selected number
  5. Activate SMS-code, which will be shown on SMS MAN website, and use your new Mobikwik account

  6. If you want to buy a phone for long-term use rather than a one-time registration
    Use the number rental function. SMS MAN offers you to determine the rental period yourself. You can choose how many hours, days, weeks or months you want to use the number. Once the rental period is over, you no longer own the virtual number in India. This is very convenient if you need the number for a certain period of time.

How to prepare for a big trip to India?

Before visiting any new city or country you need to understand the purpose of the trip. For some, the main purpose is to visit the sights. For some, walking through the busy streets and immersing yourself in the real, not touristy, life of the city. And for some, the main reason for visiting new cities is to explore bar and club life.

Regardless of what your purpose for visiting a city is, there are several factors to consider when you arrive:

  1. Where you will live
  2. Where you will eat.
  3. How you will communicate with your friends

Let’s look at the third point in more detail.
Before you go for a long time in another country to understand how you will keep in touch with friends, family and relatives. Practice shows that most tourists use WiFi-connection. Unfortunately, remotely you can not understand where the Internet connection will be 100 percent. Because of this, you need to be on the safe side. And your main hedge is the purchase of an Indian mobile number.

SMS MAN will help you with technical problems on the site or when purchasing a number. Do not hesitate to contact the technical support of the site. Experienced specialists are ready to help you online 24/7.

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