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How to delete Paypal account in 2022?

How to delete paypal

Simple guide how to delete Paypal account!

  1. Log in. Type the e-mail you accustomed create Paypal account and your password into the log in form and click on Log In.

Before you’ll be able to close the account, you need to resolve all unresolved issues, sort of a dispute or pending transactions . Then verify it and transfer all remaining funds to your bank! Otherwise your account can not be closed until this issues don’t seem to be resolved!

  1. Click the Settings                                           Delete a PayPal Account Step
  2. After it click the ACCOUNT It’s within the menu, which is found horizontally at the top of your browser, next to SECURITY, PAYMENTS, and NOTIFICATIONS. Delete a PayPal Account Step
  3. Click Close your account. It’s below the Account options . Delete a PayPal Account Step
  4. Enter your bank account number (if prompted). If you do not have an attached checking account, you will not be asked for this and may skip this step                Delete a PayPal Account Step
  5. Click Close Account. Your PayPal account are going to be closed and you may get an email confirmation of the action.                                                              Delete a PayPal Account Step

Once closed, a PayPal account cannot be reopened!

How to open anonymously new Paypal account with virtual number?

You deleted your Paypal account, but now you wish to form anonymously the new one? We will facilitate your therewith, simply use virtual telephone number in SMS-Man. Just attend our web-site that’s accessible from anyplace you wish and acquire virtual signal without the requirement to buy a brand new SIM card. Got interested? Want to understand how? Simply follow this steps and you may learn the way to try to to it.

  1. Firstly, head to website and register a profile. sign up
  2. Refill your balance by choosing one of payment methods you trust more from the tab. sms-man
  3. Choose the country you wish from list with countries on the most page. For instance Mexico. sms-man
  4. Search for “Paypal” in services.                     sms-man
  5. Click the “Buy” button.                                     sms-man
  6. Enter the received virtual phone number on the Paypal sign on form and request a verification code.
  7. Switch back to SMS-Man and click on the “Get SMS” button to reveal a verification code and paste it on the verification page.

That’s all! This is how you simply bypass the phone number verification. Fill the remaining fields and revel in your Paypal account.


Our Telegram channel

Non of payment methods presented on SMS-Man satisfies? There’s an answer for it and it’s very simple. as an example, you’ll be able to use our special Telegram channel to induce a fake virtual sign at no cost.

There we on a daily note provide up to 6 virtual phone numbers from different countries that subscribers can use for signing au fait various websites and apps without exceptions. So there are not any difficulties with using them so as to open new Paypal account.

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