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How to get a virtual phone number for any other service

buy virtual phone number with sms man

Every day we use at least a few services. We create accounts to ensure that we have all the features we need to be able to use them comfortably. Sometimes it happens that we need a new account, for example when the old one is banned. Or you don’t want to have to manage the tasks on one account, so you create a new one. There are a huge number of such cases. The list is endless. But all these things will unite one – tying a phone number. Each service requires that you bind your phone number, for example, if you forget your password, you can restore it. But usually the phone number is like a confirmation of your identity. So in this article I will tell you how to buy a virtual phone number for texting.

how to buy virtual phone number for texting

Sms-man: Buy your virtual number for registration

You can buy a virtual number for registration from our website sms-man. Our support is ready to help you at any time of the day or night. We will never leave you alone with your problems. We have numbers in over 100 countries. We also have any service you might need. Even if it’s not on the list, you can just get the number of any other service. Just in case you can’t find the service you need.

What kind of virtual numbers you get

One time virtual phone number for texting. This option is ideal for those who want to create multiple accounts on a single site. In addition, the cost of such numbers will please any user. But to reuse this number, unfortunately, it is not possible. After receiving an SMS it will stop working. Leased number. If you rent a number for a certain period of time, you considerably expand registration possibilities. You will be able to get repeatedly SMS from the necessary site. Not only that, you will be able to register on any available services of the selected country.

The best VPN for you

If you choose a free VPN, they are usually attacked. More often than not, the free VPN later turns out to be a virus. Or it works with severe connection interruptions. But on the Internet a huge number of VPN services. How to choose the most suitable and not to overpay? We recommend you VPN. It is a VPN service with a lot of countries in the access. You can buy a subscription for a year, forget about payments. The payment is made once and you can use the service for 365 days. There are never any interruptions. The technicians are constantly monitoring the connection, so if there are any problems, they are solved immediately so that you won’t even feel it. VPN is the best solution for you!

receive sms messages with sms-man

To receive text online as I told you before you need to buy a virtual number for registration on our website. In our service you will have to create an account and link your email to it. But this is done intuitively simple, so I will not tell you how this process works. It will only take you a couple of minutes. After that you need to top up your balance and go to the home page. Choose the country you want from the list. Now let’s select a service. Expand the list of services and in the search field write “anyother”. In front of you, the right button will appear, and you only need to enter your number in service, turn on VPN and receive sms.

Now you can receive sms messages thanks to our service!

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