What is Tango app and how to signup without phone number
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What is Tango app and how to signup without phone number


Tango – a modern application with free video calls. The interesting Tango app will give the user the opportunity to communicate with his companions through standard communication methods as well as through video calls.

The menu is made qualitatively, management is simple enough and understandable even for a beginner.Developers steadily update their own software, adding new versions of various options. There is a possibility of quick communication with the support team. Each user can form a personal chat to communicate with the selected group of participants.

Tango app

Top 5 Reasons, why you need Tango app

– Show off your hobby and earn money.
– Receive gifts for interesting content.
– More views = more popularity. Top the list of top streamers!

#Watch the live streamers
– Fresh and popular live streams 24 hours a day.
– See talented people from around the world and interact with them!

#Subscribe & get VIP privileges
– Follow your favourite streamers and be the first to know when they are performing live!
– Become a VIP to get the attention of popular streamers

#Chats & chatting during the live broadcast
– Invite your friends to public or private video chat.
– Create group chats for chatting with friends.
– Use masks and other cool filters for fun.
– Send gifts to your favourite streamers and friends. Cute kittens, cute puppies, hearts, cars, pearls, emoticons and gifts from special collections!

#Personalise your profile
– Share special life moments with your subscribers.
Source: https://znachenie.mozaiyka.ru/articles/prilozhenie-tango-chto-eto-takoe.html

Offering live user-generated video content and a digital economy for instant communication and monetisation, Tango allows creators to create their own community of fans and earn from their talents. It is possible to invite new friends to Tango and participate in open conversations. At the initial stage, you can set up your own location, it will come in handy when looking for mates in your region.

How to buy a virtual number for Tango app registration?

As you can see Tango needs registration with phone number. You need to receive the Tango code to bypass the verification. But using your own phone number may not work for this service because of some reasons. One of most popular reason is that you don’t want to use your personal number due to don’t leak your personal data but you need the verified Tango phone number. How to be? We have solution, and it’s creating Tango without phone number. Repeat this steps and you will get new account in no time.

  1. Create an account in our website.  All you need is working email.

sms-man reg

2. To purchase any numbers from our website, you first of all need to have an amount of money in your balance. That’s why you need to topup your balance. In the “Payments” tab you can choose the payment system from which you want to refill.

sms-man payment

3. Select the country and service “Tango” from the according lists. (If you can’t find the country you are searching scroll down the scrollbar)


4. Enter the purchased number from our site to the required field and request the code. By pressing “GET SMS” button, you will receive the code.

tango app

Another way to get sms

Also you can use our bot for Telegram to purchase numbers. All you need is your API key of the profile to login. In addition to buying a number on the site, you can get a number for free in our Telegram Channel. Distribution takes place every 4 hours.

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