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How to delete Wish account in 2022


Wish — online e-commerce platform been made in 2010 in United States. People use Wish fluently due to personalized customer experience by platform. Also it allows sellers to store products directly on a platform like on eBay. But if you disliked this beatiful app, we will help you to delete Wish account easily.

Wish app: full functionality


We thought you could decide to delete account due to hard moments while using system. So, we will help with all convenient moments in a few words. Let’s start our journey through Wish!

  1. Wish feed.

One of the main pages — Wish feed. Here app will offer you some variants of goods to buy. Goods will be changed while you use the app: search bar, shopping or even buying anything.

2. Blitz buyScreenshot

After you spin a wheel with keys, you receive some amount of them. This amount means how many products will be opened for you in Blitz mode. I made 20 keys today, but all my goods were sold out. Screenshot

3. Recent

Here you will see all products you were interested in. Hundreds, thousands of goods if you used Wish for a long time.

4. BrandsScreenshot

The most useful category as for me. Here you can choose goods by direct brand, by category and so on. I prefer to search sneakers anywhere, you can choose as you Wish 🙂

5. Category

Sub-menu on this tab allows us to choose category of goods directly (without entering Brands tab). It is very useful for those who know what does he/she wants. Also category list depends on gender.

6. Profile

Here you can choose one of needed tabs while you use any app including Wish:

Profile tabsScreenshot

  1. Wishlist: here will be stored all products you have liked. That means, that app will use this list to make your own recommendations in Wish feed
  2. Shopping cart: all is easy — here will be products you want to buy.
  3. Order history: list of all your orders significantly
  4. Wish cash: one of the most interesting tabs. You can use internal currency to pay for goods or use your card or PayPal. If you decided to delete Wish account due to your card information, you can delete card and use app further.
  5. Rewards: while you use app, you can get some list of rewards what makes using app a game. Try it out before leaving
  6. Get help: support system from Wish.
  7. Settings: here we will return soon to know how to delete Wish account
  8. Log out: I won’t tell you how to log out 🙂

Let’s jump straight to Settings tab and get known how to delete Wish account in a few minutes

How to delete Wish account?

The easiest way to delete Wish account is to do that through settings tab. Let’s use it out:

  1. Log in to your account on Wish from phone or PC
  2. Find your profile tab
  3. Go to Settings tabScreenshot
  4. Go to Account settingsScreenshot
  5. Swipe down to Manage accountScreenshot
  6. Click on Deactivate accountScreenshot
  7. Click on way to confirm that you are an owner of account. I prefer e-mailScreenshot
  8. Go to e-mail and get code. Paste it in field on WishScreenshot
  9. Choose reason to leave and click Continue. Now your account is deleted!Screenshot
  10. Click Deactivate last time and that’s all! Now you deleted your account. If you decide to return to Wish, use phone number from SMS-Man to sign up 😉

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