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How to delete whatsapp account in 2022

How to delete account whatsapp

In the recent past, there have been many leaks of whatsapp user data, which has served as a powerful exodus of users from the platform. And if you are one of those, in this article I will tell you how to delete whatsapp account in 2022.


The company was founded by Ian Kum and Brian Ecton in February 2009, and has been under the auspices of Meta(Facebook) since October 2014. It is one of the largest messaging platforms. At the moment, according to approximate estimates, the service is used by more than 5 billion people. It supports the two most common platforms, iOS and Android. The platform has great security problems, in particular the data from the user’s phone is copied to tell the user which of his friends are already using the service. This means that the data from the client’s phone whatsapp gets to the servers where it is safely leaked by hackers.

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How to delete whatsapp account in 2022?

To completely delete your data, you’ll need to open the whatsapp app.
– Click on the three dots in the upper right corner
– After, go to the account settings
– Tap to delete the account.
– Next, you’ll need to select the reason for deleting the account
– Confirm the deletion
– You are now free of database leaks and your data leaking to the internet

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Change your mind about leaving whatsapp, but don’t want your number and personal data leaking to the internet? Then use a virtual number instead of your own. can help you in this case.
How to get a virtual number?
1. Follow a simple registration, to do it you have to enter your email and choose your password.
2. Refill your account by one of these ways
3. Choose your country, for example England.
4. In the list of services choose Whatsapp (Don’t forget that at the bottom there is a button to expand the list and the search that appears, where you can enter the desired service

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5. Press the buy button
6. Turn on the VPN of the country, the number of which will be used
7. Enter the number provided when registering your whatsapp account
8. On the website press the button to get the code
9. Insert the received code in the corresponding window
10. Now we have an account, for the security of which you can not worry. Now we are not afraid of data leaks, and we can easily correspond with friends and colleagues.

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