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How to delete microsoft account in 2022

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If you don’t want to enter your password every time you sign in to Windows 10, or you’re not very happy about sending data to the Microsoft site when using your official account, you can simply delete your Microsoft account on the system. These are the reasons, for the most part, that make many Windows 10 users think about deleting the default account.

How to delete a Microsoft account in Windows 10

It is far from always a reasonable decision, because the Microsoft profile has its own undeniable advantages:

quick and easy access to applications (including the Store);
the ability to work with a single platform supporting the exchange of information. You can easily send data from your Microsoft mailbox to cloud storage. If you have multiple working mobile devices and desktop PCs, you can sync your devices, accessing files from any of them.
But if you’re not one of those who desperately need these options, we suggest reading how to delete your Microsoft account in Windows 10. By default, “10” offers a login screen, which you can disable/delete manually if necessary. In this article, we will look at all possible options to remove the Microsoft account from the PC.

Method 1: Using the PC system settings

In Windows 10, in addition to the settings on the panel, there is a separate option that we will use to remove the Microsoft account from the PC in this method. To do this, we have a few simple steps to follow.

We press the “Start” button on the system or the “Win” key on the keyboard. In the upper right corner is the “options” button with the “gear” icon. Select it (we must be connected to the local system administrator account).

delete user accounts in Windows 10

Select “Accounts” from the available options.

delete user accounts in Windows 10 pic01

The panel on the left side of the window displays several account options, including Family and Other People. That’s exactly what we need.

In the window that pops up called “Other users” you can see the accounts of all the users on our PC. Select the account you want to delete and click the “Delete” button in the lower left corner of the window.

delete user accounts in Windows 10 pic01

Then a standard window pops up asking if we are sure that we want to delete the selected account. If you are sure, press the “Delete account and data” button, and the selected account will be deleted from the PC.

delete user accounts in Windows 10 pic02

How to create a new account for Microsoft

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