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How to bypass Netflix phone verification

bypass netflix phone verification

In this artice we will figure out how to bypass Netflix phone verification. What is fake phone numbers. What is sms receiving service and how it’s work.

How to bypass phone verification on all services

Unfortunately, we can’t register with Netflix completely without a number. However, there is a way out, you can always use our virtual phone numbers. How does it work? Our company provides a large number of numbers that you can use to register on any website you want. So you don’t have to use your personal phone number to register on Netflix and other services. Also, in case you don’t have a free phone number, you can borrow one from our service for a low fee. This way you can sort of bypass Netflix phone verification by registering with another number. Luckily this is very easy and the most reliable and convenient way to bypass the verification.

How to bypass Netflix phone verification with our sms receiving service

You need to register on our service (register sms-man). Provide a real, valid email address. You will receive a link to confirm your account. Next we need to top up the balance. Press Payment in top menu of website to view and choose convenient payment system for you. After top-up you can choose number of almost any country you want. Let’s say we need a USA number for Netflix. Choose USA country, then choose Netflix service from the list of services. To see all countries press: Show All Countries, and do the same with services. If you’re in the list of countries and can’t find your Netflix number, select ‘Any Other’. And you will receive your sms from any other service.

A mini guide how to get sms from USA phone number for register Netflix:

  1. Choose USA in list of countries (press United States of America)

USA country

2. Press Show All services button, type Netflix on search input. Press Buy button.

bypass Netflix phone verification

3. You will get phone number for Netflix. Copy this number and type in register form on Netflix.

In the image below, I have marked in green an example of what the number and SMS code to confirm registration would look like.


4. Once Netflix asks for an sms code to complete your registration, go back to our website and click ‘get sms’. Attention, the sms may not come right away, you may have to wait about 15-30 seconds and then press this button again. Under your phone number, you will see an sms code that you need to text to Netflix to complete your registration. Done! You have bypassed the Netflix phone verification system.

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