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How to deactivate your AliExpress Account?

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The Aliexpress marketplace is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. A huge number of products are available here. Most stores specialize in selling products from China. The main advantages should be called affordable prices and the ability to deliver purchases anywhere in the world. Despite such advantages, do you want to stop using this resource and? Let’s consider how to deactivate AliExpress Account and your data on the site.

Do you want to create a new account? In this case, you will need to link a mobile phone to it. If you do not want to use your own contact, you do not need to buy a Sim card. The “SMS-Man” service offers virtual numbers for registration on Aliexpress from $0.07. The purchase is carried out in a few clicks, there is a convenient search interface.

How to deactivate or delete your AliExpress Account?

AliExpress is usually used via desktop service. Let’s check the way to delete your account there:

1. Go to the desktop version of website. Click on your profile and find button “My AliExpress”. Left click it.



2. Find tab “Account” and go there.

3. Now you are on a page like at photo below. Click “Edit member profile”.

4. The last step is to click “Deactivate”.

5. Confirm your action and be happy: your account is not active since that!

How can you deactivate your account via mobile app?

Unfortunately, it is impossible. You need use onle web version site.

How can you activate your account back?

You regretted decision when deleted the Aliexpress account. How to restore it? You must log in to your profile. Enter the username from the account and password. The system will display information that this account has been deleted. Immediately after that, it will offer recovery. You should act in accordance with the instructions offered by the site.

How to get number for Aliexpress for free?

SMS-Man gives everybody an opportunity to get free phone number to receive SMS — check it by yourself right now!

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