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How to Create Zepto Account without a Phone Number?

Create Zepto Account without a Phone Number

The Zepto app was designed in India to help users order products from groceries online. They offer a wide product variety from fruits and vegetables to packaged foods, toiletries, and other necessities that can be delivered to your doorstep. 

In this article, you will learn about the capabilities of the application. You will also know how to complete the registration without a phone number. It will provide you with clear guidelines on buying virtual numbers from SMS-Man and using them to make your way around Zepto app requirements.

What is Zepto

Zepto App Features & Usage

The website offers numerous clothes, home appliances, and other items you may need in everyday life. Its intuitive user interface lets you easily traverse different categories, add items to the cart, and make orders in a few clicks. Such ease of use is among the strong reasons why many have registered here.

It promises delivery within minutes, which solves last-minute or short-notice meal planning problems. Upon registering a Zepto account, you can track your orders in real time and check status updates, which enhances the overall shopping experience.

Zepto offers personalized recommendations based on your habits. By analyzing previous purchases, it suggests products you likely need or want, making the shopping process even more convenient. This feature saves time and helps you discover new products you might not have considered otherwise.

What is Zepto like beyond that? It offers multiple payment options. Users can choose among credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and cash on delivery. This flexibility lets you pay with no hassles. In addition, the company often offers discounts and promotions, helping you save money.

By providing special offers and loyalty rewards, the app encourages repeat usage and builds a base of loyal customers. All these features combine to make creating a Zepto account worthwhile. Read about why the service requires your phone number in the next section.

Zepto app

Why You Need a Phone Number for Zepto Account

Zepto requires the phone number to confirm you are not a bot, which reduces the risk of scams and fraud. This step is crucial for maintaining a secure environment for all the service users and workers, who meet face-to-face.

Verification facilitates efficient communication between the Zepto app and its users. You can call their support service to resolve your problems with orders and deliveries, or account-related matters. The direct communication line ensures that important information is promptly delivered.

Moreover, if you forget login credentials or encounter access problems, a verified phone number allows the app to send reset codes and recovery links securely. So, the verification is mandatory when you create Zepto account. 

However, you can finish the process anonymously with the help of vendors like SMS-Man. They provide virtual numbers that can receive verification codes, enabling you to complete the registration process without your main number. It improves your privacy, and ensures your ease of mind in case of data breaches.

Confirm Your Zepto App Account Using a Virtual Number

Virtual phone numbers, provided by services like SMS-Man, can receive SMS verification codes for one-time. They operate online without a SIM card or a mobile device, which lets you maintain your privacy while registering for services like the Zepto app. 

Usually, services don’t suspect that you are providing virtual numbers for them. Even if they do, the vast majority of apps, including Zepto, do not block accounts confirmed in this way. ISPs and authorities tolerate it too; these numbers are legal in most countries.

Using temporary phone numbers from SMS-Man allows users to register for the app securely and privately. This method not only protects personal information but also ensures a smooth registration process. So, what is Zepto like when you register in this way? Let’s find out.

virtual phone number

This guide walks you through the entire process of purchase and activation:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Register and enter your account
  3. Deposit money via the ‘top up’ feature.
  4. Pick the service and country to buy a virtual number.
  5. Find the bought number in your profile, copy it.
  6. Then, use the phone number during registration.
  7. Return to SMS-Man and press ‘receive SMS’ near your number.
  8. Use the Zepto code to complete the account.

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