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How to Create AstroPay Account without a Phone Number?

Create AstroPay Account without a Phone Number

What is AstroPay? This payment solution is widely popular among online customers, iGaming practitioners, and simply looking for secure transactions.

However, giving out a mobile number is a mandatory registration requirement. How can you bypass it? Let’s find an answer throughout today’s blog post as well as key information about the app itself.

What is Astropay

What is AstroPay: The Main Features of the App

Well, what is AstroPay? It’s one of the leading international payment systems and a digital wallet app that allows its users to make money transfers, pay for purchases on marketplaces, and more.

The service was launched in the Brazilian market in 2009. In addition to Brazil, the company is also headquartered in the UK. To date, AstroPay has extended to 72 countries, including the region of Latin America, Turkey, China, South Korean, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and more.

Depending on what country it is used, within their AstroPay account, users can work with the following tools:

  • Crypto wallets.
  • Visa/MasterCard.
  • Neteller.
  • American Express.

As for commision rates, replenishment and withdrawal fees depend on a payment system that is connected with the service.

The service is available in both a web version and a mobile app. Among the key benefits of this payment service, the AstroPay app users highlight the following:

  • Support for various currencies from USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, BRL, CNY, and more.
  • 24/7: high-quality technical support.
  • Prepaid AstroPay debit (?) cards.
  • Overall trustworthiness.

Thus, this payment app can be a good solution for everyone who wants to manage their funds conveniently and reliably. Further we will consider how the deposit and withdrawal of funds in the application works, as well as registration issues.

astropay app

What is AstroPay in Terms of Withdrawal And Top Up Options?

What is AstroPay when it comes to the ways to top up the balance of your wallet? There are two options available:

  • Just deposit money to the balance.
  • Purchase a prepaid AstroPay card with a certain denomination.

In the first case, replenishment looks like this:

In the “Money” section, you click the “Add Money” button, choose available sum or enter your sum in USD. After that, choose any of the available payment options, such as Neteller or Ripple. Confirm the replenishment transaction and transfer to the payment form. After it is transferred, the money will appear on the balance of your wallet.

Now, using money on the balance, you will be able to purchase an AstroPay card of the required denomination through the “New Card” menu section.

As for withdrawal, according to the app’s policy, you can only withdraw money on the balance that was received from other websites (let’s say, from any forex’s broker wallet). In other aspects, withdrawal is similar to replenishment, though, instead of replenishment, you need to click the “Withdraw Funds” button.

Moreover, the AstroPay app also designed the special package solution AstroPay Direct. It contains alternative payment solutions that allow clients to use local debit and credit cards, make payments, using bank accounts, as well as offer over 110 payment options, both popular ones and developing systems.

Thanks to this added functionality, developers of their web sites, including online stores, can integrate the payment system and allow users to make payments for purchased goods and services in the shortest possible time.

AstroPay App Registration & Verification

The AstroPay sign up will take only a few minutes, with asking you to provide a phone number. To register, follow the steps:

  1. Open the official website or app.
  2. Click Sign Up or Start in the middle of the screen.
  3. When the registration form loads, click Register.
  4. Choose your country code in the drop-down menu and enter the mobile number.
  5. Submit a 6-digit code from an SMS that will come to your number.
  6. Come up with a strong password.
  7. And the last step is to enter your name and surname, date of birth, type and number of PoI, and email.

As for identity verification, it is not obligatory for the AstroPay app users.

Verification in the service does not imply passing the KYC procedure. Though, as said above, it asks you to submit your name and mobile number during registration. Moreover, when you start using it for conducting financial transactions, it may ask for you to open up your credit card number, and more.

However, for many users, the fact that the app does not require to pass mandatory verification serves a significant advantage for holders of an AstroPay account, contrasting to its competitors.

How to Complete the AstroPay Sign Up without a Phone Number?

If you are worried that opening up your actual mobile number when registering an AstroPay account can compromise your other sensitive data, you have good reason. The fact is that websites today collect user information into a complete fingerprint, a browser or device one, so that they can track users’ movements on the Internet further. This way, websites learn about which web pages you visit most often, as well as your other preferences. For example, they gather what music you listen to, what movies you watch, what you like to eat, and what clothes you wear. And later use it for making target ads or transfer it to external marketing companies.

In this case, masking your real phone number with a virtual phone number can be a smart choice. The advantage of a temporary virtual number for the AstroPay sign up is that it is not tied to a specific user. When purchasing, you do not need to present your national ID, a device or even open up current geolocation. Therefore, you can virtually register from any point on the planet. For example, SMS-Man provides the opportunity to complete the AstroPay sign up from 190+ countries available, such as the USA, Germany, India, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, and many more.

virtual phone number

Here is how you can register in the AstroPay app and 3000+ other services with an SMS-Man’s virtual number:

  1. Join using Google+ or set up a fresh account with an email.
  2. Replenish funds to the balance with a convenient payment method — a few dollars will be enough.
  3. Load the homepage, choose the service (AstroPay) and the required country. Then, click “Buy” near the country.
  4. To copy the phone number, find it in ‘History’ below and submit it to verify the AstroPay account.
  5. Return to SMS-man and request a verification code by clicking ‘Get SMS’ near the number.
  6. Reval the OTP and apply it to the payment app to complete verification.

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