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How to create unlimited Nike accounts with fake numbers

Nike account

Every day there are appearing more and more people that want to create a Nike account in large quantities. The purpose of this is to win various raffles with big prizes, take advantage of big discounts and enjoy other profitable opportunities. But due to growing day after day demand, it becomes harder to complete this task. In this article, we will explain how everyone can do this easily with fake numbers from SMS-Man.

What is the Nike phone number for receiving SMS?

Nike is one of the most popular services on sites that provide services for completing mobile verification. In this case, those who want to create multiple accounts on this platform, have to work with special virtual phone numbers. Those allow receiving text messages from various websites and apps online including Nike verification code without having SIM cards and even a smartphone making it possible to sign up for mobile projects with a PC.

Nike account

In addition, such numbers are untraceable and available from any country in the world. No one can find out where the user of the Nike account it is registered with is from. Especially since people can use virtual numbers with different country codes while located in one place. For example, there is nothing wrong with receiving SMS from Malaysia for those who live in the US. Because of this, such a tool is also called fake numbers.

Signing up for Nike profile unlimited times with fake numbers

You can easily complete this task with tools from SMS-Man. Fake numbers for Nike verification are available for citizens of all countries. Moreover, there is no need to provide personal information like in the case of buying a new SIM card. So the process is kinda simple and can be performed even by those who have no special knowledge in mobile and telecommunication technologies. Here is a short instruction on how to do this:

1. Complete the convenient profile registration process at and activate created account.

SMS-Man register

2. Open the payment tab and use the available payment method to add funds to the balance.

SMS-Man recharge

3. Choose the country code of the fake number on the main page of the service.

SMS-Man main page

4. Proceed to the tab with applications and select sign up for Nike feature.

Sign up for Nike feature on SMS-Man

5. Purchase a fake number.

Nike fake number from SMS-Man

You are halfway there. Now simply enter the received phone number on the Nike registration form as if it were a real phone number and request a verification code. Once it is sent, go back to SMS-Man and click the “Get SMS” button next to the fake phone number. Use appeared code to create a new and fully operable Nike account.

There are no limitations on how many fake numbers each user can get and activate. Due to this, it is possible to create Nike account an unlimited amount of times. You just need to get another virtual phone number following the steps from above once again.

Getting fake number for creating Nike account for free

It is not mandatory to make a deposit in order to take an advantage of such a service as virtual numbers for receiving OTP. There is also a free option. You can get a fake number for creating Nike account on our Telegram channel that was created specifically for this and other similar purposes. Just copy the latest phone number from the list which is for sure active, send to it verification code and then press “Get SMS” or wait for the list with text messages to get updated automatically to see the code. It is simple as it is.

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