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How to create Sony account without a phone number

create Sony account

In the last few years online games has become highly popular among internet users. Some people play them just to have a good time or relief stress. Others take it more seriously and trying their best to become professional gamers. However, even though there are different goals in every case, it is difficult to argue that we would have that many possibiliets these days without Sony. It is surely the world leader in interactive entertainment software. Their internationally renowned development in the form of PlayStation solely surpasses most of competitors. Find out how to easily create Sony account without a phone number.

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Some people think that they can take advantage of products developed by the company without signing up for an account on their platform. It is not true. However, there is nothing bad about it at all. You don’t have to perform complicated actions or provide payment when completing the Sony registration process. The most important thing though is that profile on this platform opens full access to released games for PlayStation. What’s the point of owning a gaming console without any games installed on it?

So making an account on Sony is not only recommended but also necessary if you are going to use their products. It is not really as difficult as it might seem at first glance for some people without appropriate experience. In most cases, there is even no need to disclose and verify a mobile phone number. Below we will explain the whole process in detail.

Simple way to create Sony account without a phone number

Sony has made it simple to sign up for their account. Users can do this either on their website or right on a gaming console. Most often there is no need for anything else except for an email address and some credentials. Here is a complete guide on how anyone can easily register a Sony account through the website as it is more simple and almost the same as when doing this on a gaming console:

1. Proceed to the official Sony website through a browser on a mobile phone or PC.

2. Open the registration page.

3. Choose a way to sign up for a profile. You can do this with an email address as well as with an account on Google or Facebook. We will go the first way.

4. Enter basic credentials.

5. Set up and confirm the password.

6. Configure email preferences and agree to terms of service after reading them.

7. Verify the provided mailbox just by clicking the appropriate link from the received email.

This is it. There is no need to receive a Sony verification code by mobile phone number to create an account. It is enough to provide and verify an email address or even an account on a social network. But it is not always that easy though.

Need a fake phone number for Sony?

Sometimes it might become necessary to complete phone number verification during registration. This especially often happens when signing up for an account on a gaming console. Don’t have one or would prefer to not disclose it? Then just use a temporary phone number from SMS-Man. There are multiple options to choose from. You can choose between either a disposable or long-term Sony phone number for verification. It is all about desired goals. Both features are available for everyone and free to use after completing a simple registration process.

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