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Possible ways to unblock VK account

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How to create new vk account?

Our experts have answered widespread questions about how to create new vk account. Also, we would like to mention that even if you do not manage to regain access, you can buy a virtual number for VK for $0.10, to sign up for another account and continue using the platform.

How to block someone’s account on VK?

Go to the page of the corresponding user, find a button with 3 dots under his profile photo, and click on it. Then choose “Block”.

How to block a Vkontakte account

How to recover VK account?

The tactics depend on the reasons. There is a risk that you will not be able to VK unblock Firefox or Chrome if you are punished for regular rule violations.

How to recover VK account?

If the problem is related to suspicious activities or unauthorized access, write to the support team or use the form “Forgot your password?”. You will be requested to verify your mobile number via SMS.

How to recover VK account via mobile verification

If this method didn’t work for you, create a new profile with the help of our service Sms-man. On our website, you can buy a virtual number for VK.

How to ban another user?

What do you mean? If you just do not want a person to write to you, open his page and click on the button “Block …” under his profile photo, as it is described above.

But, in case you want the social network to fully block an account, open it, click on 3 dots, and choose “Report profile”.

How to ban another user?

You will see a new window, where you should specify the reason for your complaint (spam, forbidden content, and so on). The team of the service will take the corresponding measures after 10 complaints are filed.

How to find out who has added me to his backlist?

You can choose one of the following methods:

  • The most reliable variant is to check that manually. Although it is the most credible, it is time-consuming as well. You need to open all the accounts belonging to your friends manually. If the system informs you that you do not have access to one of them, that means that you are on the blacklist.

How to learn who added me to his backlist on Vkontakte

  • Also, you can use a specialized website for such purposes. It is much quicker. For example, you can try https://v1.220vk.ru/. They offer a wide selection of functions for monitoring statistics on this social network.

How to unblock Vkontakte mobile number?

Again, the instructions depend on the situation. If you have violated the rules many times, you will not be able to regain access to the website via it. So, you will need to register again. If you do not want to spend money on a new SIM card, buy a virtual number at an affordable price from our online store.

How to unblock Vkontakte mobile number?

But if you did not break any rules, you can turn to the support team of the social network or get access to it via the function “Forgot your password?”. You can find the corresponding link at the bottom of the log-in form. The system will send an SMS with a verification code to you, and you will easily unblock it.

How to complain about another user?

If you want just to add a person to a blacklist, you should open his page. After that click on 3 dots under his avatar, and select “Block”.

How to complain about another user on VK

And, if you want a user to be blocked by the administration of the source, file 10 complaints about him from 10 different accounts. To do that, you should again press on the button with 3 dots but choose “Report profile”.

To get 10 different profiles, you can use our service. On our platform, you can buy a virtual number to sign up on VK, which means that opening 10 profiles will cost you $0,90.

How to unblock VK account without phone number?

If you do not have access to your mobile number, but you still need to VK unblock Chrome or Firefox, take the following steps:

  1. Use the function “Forgot your password?”. Press the link in the authorization form.

How to recover VK account without phone number?

2. In the next window press the link “I don’t remember or the data is unavailable” at the bottom as it is shown on the screenshot.

How to restore VK page without phone

3. Paste a link to your page in the form. You can ask one of your friends to copy it for you and send it via one of the communication services.

How to unblock VK page with a profile URL

4. In the next form, you will see a code. You will need to write it down on a sheet of paper and take a selfie with it within 3 minutes.

The only condition – you should have at least one real photo on your page so that the system can compare it with this selfie.how to create new vk account

How to restore old chats on VK?

In certain cases, a user may need to get some data from a dialog after deleting the correspondence history. Unfortunately, you cannot do that with one click. However, there are several solutions available:

The easiest variant is to ask a person, whom you wrote to, to send the necessary fragments to you. But there is a risk that he has lost it as well.

A more reliable solution is to request an archive. But if the history includes too many messages, there is a risk that some of them will be missing. To get an archive, follow these instructions:

  1. Ask the second correspondent to click on this link.
  2. Then, he should scroll the page down to the bottom and press “Request Data Copy”.

How to restore VK texting history?

3. In the next window, he should put a mark next to “Messages” only.

4. On the next page, he will be requested to enter his password.

5. After the archive is compiled, your friend must confirm its download via SMS verification.

After he sends it to you, open the “Messages” folder and search for a file by the ID of your dialog.

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