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How to create Craigslist account without phone number

craigslist without phone number

Today is one of the most famous sites in the world. Over 50,000,000 hits a month. And it’s still the same design from the ’90s, no graphics, pure and ruthless HTML and CSS. Over the years of its growth, it has only acquired a more extensive category system, a search engine, the simplest forum. How to create Craigslist account without phone number?

Despite all its simplicity – the site is incredibly popular! Now it consists of a separate set of sub-sites (or cities) in different countries around the world! On it appear 1000000 advertisements every month!

Craig works at another job, and only occasionally devotes time to his brainchild – helping workers with the support staff. Powerful servers and a few support people are paid for by the only paid ads – job openings from major firms in major U.S. metroplexes. Profit stays zero – it’s a company principle, Craig’s principle.


Major features used by lots and lots of people, especially those living in America include:

  • Finding housing. And both individual apartments, rooms, even individual places in rooms, but also vacation housing, offices, parking lots and more;
  • buying and selling things. It’s kind of like our Iz Ruk v Ruki, only more globally, nationwide and over the Internet. There are sections on buying and selling furniture, electronics, cars, jewelry, household appliances, toys, musical instruments, clothing and much more. This is probably the most popular section of the site;
  • It’s where people post ads for dating, people to spend time together, intimate dating, and there are completely different subsections and everyone can choose something for themselves;
  • job search. If companies, especially small local firms, need workers, they place ads in the relevant sections of the site – manufacturing, restaurant business, computer systems, non-core jobs, education and more;
  • searching for various services related to beauty and health, education, home help, finance, relocation, and more;
  • There is a forum on a huge number of topics, though I myself have never used it.

Why is craigslist so easy to use and why is it so popular?

  • You choose in which state, city and even in which area of town you want to advertise or find an offer for yourself;
  • there is no need to register on the site, although registering opens up some additional features related to managing your posts;
  • submitting an ad on craigslist is free. You just go to the appropriate section of the site, in the appropriate city, and create a post.
  • you have the opportunity to encrypt your email, so you will not receive spam. However, if you reply to an email sent to you, your real email will already be listed there.
  • If you’re looking for someone to rent a place with or hire, you can try to find them on Facebook at the email address they sent you a response from and then decide whether or not to respond at all.
  • Craigslist, like any public website, prohibits any racist, discriminatory or degrading remarks, so try to write correctly on it.

How to create Craigslist account and post

  1.  Go to craigslist main page
    Craiglist home page
  2. Under create an account, enter your email
    Input email
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you
  4. After clicking on the link enter a new password for your account
    Create passwordpassword set
  5. Next you will be asked to agree with the term
    accept terms of use

After these steps your create Craigslist account will be created.

Also, an important part of Craigslist is the creation of ads. To do this, you need to:
  1. Go to your account page
  2. Click on the button to create a post
    start posting
  3. Select the post type and category
    Select category
  4. Write an article description
  5. Choose a photo for the post
    Add Image
  6. Confirm the post
It happens that for some articles a phone verification is required in these cases you can:
  1. Go to the main page
  2. Register and top up your balance
  3. Go back to the main page and buy a phone number of the country you want to write the post for
    Buy number
  4. At the top of the page will be a list of active numbers. Enter the number you bought and use it in the craiglist where you were asked for the number. Then go back to the site, click “Get sms” and enter the code on the site.
    List of phone number

You can see an what is a verification code and example of using our site in the video in start article
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