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How to Create Atom Account without a Phone Number?

Create Atom Account without a Phone Number

What is Atom? This is a US app that allows its users to purchase tickets for movies and select seats, as well as receive showtime information. This app is designed to help people plan to go to movies by offering them ease of use. It works with the most popular theaters nationwide, which include AMC, Regal, and Cinemark.

Since its launch, the application has attracted thousands of users. This article discusses the Atom account registration worth it. You’ll also learn why the app requires a phone number and how a temporary number from SMS-Man can help bypass it without interrupting the service’s operation.

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What is Atom App Feature-wise?

Atom has many features meant to enhance the movie watching experience. In the app, you can find out the showtimes, watch trailers, read reviews, and purchase tickets. It also makes ticketing more convenient as you don’t have to stand in lines to confirm your ticket. Instead, you use your mobile tickets to watch the movie in AMC, Regal, and Cinemark.

What is Atom app’s social aspect like? Atom lets users invite friends to movies, coordinate plans, and even pay separately. This makes organizing group outings more comfortable and efficient, as the app handles all the logistics. You can also share movie details and schedules with your friends on social media.

Atom app accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, and e-wallet payment options like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. You can select your payment methods in the Atom account settings. The app also has a reward program where you get points for each purchase. They can be used to receive free tickets, bonuses, and other benefits. This feature allows you to save money while increasing the app’s user engagement metrics.

What is Atom like in terms of partnerships? Its compatibility with multiple cinema chains provides users with various choices for their movie-going experience. Atom partners with major US theater chains to offer a comprehensive selection of showtimes and locations, helping users find the perfect movie at the right time.

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Why You Need a Phone Number for Atom Tickets

The app requires phone number verification because it focuses on the US market. This step confirms the user’s residence in the country, preventing fake Atom log in attempts. Furthermore, verifying phone numbers improves account security, allowing the service to reach out to customers via their verified numbers to reset their passwords.

Furthermore, phone numbers are used for communication purposes. The app can alert you via SMS about purchase confirmations or changes in the movie schedules. This measure guarantees that you get informed at the right time. However, it can also send push notifications, so texting isn’t the only way to communicate.

Virtual numbers can replace the regular ones if you need to confirm the Atom code. Services like SMS-Man provide virtual numbers for receiving verification codes, enabling Atom registration without disclosing personal numbers. In the next section, this article explains how to obtain a virtual number from SMS-Man.

How to Confirm an Atom Code With a Virtual Number

SMS-Man offers one-time virtual numbers as an anonymous option to receive SMS messages from online services. These numbers are designed to confirm the verification codes such as the Atom code. This approach safeguards your privacy and minimizes the risk of spam if your number gets leaked.

Such numbers do not require SIM cards or additional data. Atom will treat them as normal during registration. You will not need to repeat the confirmation, solve access problems, and so on. The app will simply send the code to your number. However, after the confirmation, the number will stop working.

The SMS-Man library has about 2,000 services and 190 country codes available, including the United States. The price per US phone number for Atom is about $1 apiece, which makes this solution extremely budget-friendly and suitable for those concerned about their privacy.

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To learn more about the Atom registration with a one-time number, check out this guide:

  1. Sign up on or use your Google+ account to join.
  2. Locate the ‘top-up’ option on the screen and deposit money through it.
  3. Choose the service and select the country, then click ‘buy SMS’ for the desired service.
  4. Add the number to your profile and make a copy of it.
  5. Use the number to complete the verification process on Moneylion.
  6. Return to your profile and click ‘receive SMS.’
  7. Use the code you received to finish the Atom log in process.

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