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How to Create a Shop Pay Account without a Phone Number?

Create a Shop Pay Account without a Phone Number

Just a few years ago, Shopify did not have its own payment system. Store owners had to use third-party services like PayPal or Stripe to conduct payments and pay additional fees to them. However, since 2020, the built-in payment system Shop Pay (short for Shopify Payments) has been available.

What is Shop Pay, and how not to compromise your mobile number when activating an account? Let’s figure these points out in today’s blog post and learn more about the service’s functionality.

What is Shopify Shop Pay

What is Shop Pay?

Well, what is Shop Pay? Shop Pay, or Shopify Payments is a payment system that provides an accelerated checkout for Shopify merchants. For customers, it simply allows them to check out faster. This payment gateway lets you use any method, such as:

  • Meta Pay.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • Google and Apple Pay.
  • Debit or credit card.
  • Gift certificate.
  • Сryptocurrency.

The Shopify Payments service is based on the same model that is used in Stripe, that is, the payment algorithm is identical. However, the developers integrated Shop Pay directly into the store’s personal account, making the service more accessible to entrepreneurs who sell on Shopify.

But this also comes with a drawback: registering a Shop Pay account makes sense only for platform users because it is not intended to be used externally. Though, for stores, this is the best option for a payment system. Because it is easy to set up and the pricing policy is the most adequate, comparing to other payment methods.

Overall, for merchants, the app is beneficial since it crunches numbers in just one click. Moreover, it automatically syncs with all accounts and expenses, so you could calculate your profit in advance. All the numbers are displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard so you can understand your business in real time.

For customers, it makes checkout much easier and faster without having to enter all their shipping information and their credit card information again and again.

Shop pay app

What is Shop Pay in Terms of Pros & Cons?

Among the benefits, the Shopify sellers highlight the following ones:

  • Easy to set up. To connect the service, you can find the module yourself in the Shopify services store and launch it in a few minutes, without involving a programmer. In addition, when you set up the service, your store’s financial block is automatically synchronized with sales and balances.
  • Increased payment conversion. According to stats, most users are annoyed by the need to use third-party services to pay for purchases — loading another page takes time, and many quit without completing a payment. On the contrary, the built-in payment system within your Shop account reduces payment time, which has a positive effect on conversion.
  • Servicing transactions has become cheaper. When using third-party services, merchants are paid both third-party system fees and Shopify transaction processing fees. When you connect an internal payment instrument, you save on the first expense item.
  • Installing multiple gateways is possible. After connecting your Shop account to Shopify, you can continue to use PayPal and other systems: the more payment options you offer, the more convenient it is for customers and the higher the conversion rates it ensures.
  • High level of security. The refund process is well-thought-out and organized. In addition, using a multi-factor model, algorithms monitor and prevent any possible actions of fraudsters.

What is Shop Pay When It Comes to Drawbacks?

  • The list of goods you can pay through Shop Pay for is limited. There is an option to only pay within one platform, which can cause some inconvenience.
  • Chargeback is expensive. Shop Pay charges high fees for refunds to customers’ cards. This means that you will not only lose money paid for an order if they cancel it, but you will also have to pay a fee. On average, this amount can reach up to $15.
  • Not available from everywhere. Despite the fact that you can create a store on Shopify in almost any country, the internal payment service is not even available in all EU countries. You can resolve this issue, for example, by registering a personal Shop Pay account in the name of a foreigner or opening a legal entity abroad.

Shop Pay Account Registration Requirements

After you open the app, it will take you to the homepage. There you will be able to tap on the Connect Google option or directly sign in with email. Moreover, it might also ask you to enter the email address. If you choose the latter option, just type in your email address and then create a password.

Also, the app may ask the Shop account holders to pass identity verification. For that, you will need to attach a mobile number and enter an OTP that will come in an SMS message. However, if you are of those worried about the safety of their private data, leveraging a temporary virtual phone number for Shop Pay is a relevant alternative.

How to Set Up a Shop Pay Account without a Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers that expire in 20 minutes are a great digital tool that allows you to mask your actual phone number and enhance overall anonymity. Just like when you need to get an anonymous phone number for Shop Pay. On today’s web, it is wise to keep your data private, especially your email address and phone number, since this data often serves as a key to get access to your other personal information, such as name and last name, ID number, credit card number, and much more.

At best, your data will be used by marketers for targeted advertising. And at worst, it will fall into the hands of hackers who will use it for unscrupulous purposes. For example, stealing money from your bank accounts or hacking your accounts in payment systems, sending messages to your contacts asking them to send money, stealing your online identity, and much more. Is it really dangerous? In the era of improving neural networks and the emergence of increasingly credible voice and visual deepfakes, seems very much so.

In addition, virtual numbers are useful if you yourself want to advertise services and need unique mobile numbers to register accounts. If you need to access a platform that is blocked in your country, or you need a local mobile number when registering.

With SMS-Man, you can get a virtual phone number from any of the 190+ available countries from $0.25. This will allow you to access 3000+ different global and local platforms without the risk of personal data leakage.

virtual phone number

Here is how you can get a virtual phone number for Shop Pay in a few steps:

  1. Set up a profile on with an email address or via Google+.
  2. Add money to your account balance – whether it is USD, your national currency or Bitcoin.
  3. To purchase a one-time number, open ‘Receive SMS’, choose the service and the required country. Note: if you need a virtual number for up to 90 days, please open the ‘Rent’ tab.
  4. Copy the received number from History — it is located at the bottom — and enter it for Shop Pay verification.
  5. To get a six-digit Shop Pay verification code, get back to SMS-Man and tap on ‘Get SMS’.
  6. When you reveal the code, use it to complete verification.

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