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How to Create Amasia Account without a Phone Number?

How to Create Amasia Account without a Phone Number

What is Amasia? It’s a growing networking service and an online dating application that lets you share video content, images, voice messages, and text in a simple and intuitive interface. With thousands using the app, Amasia is a valuable service to find like-minded people worldwide.

The app was developed in 2017 by ReignTalk, for Asian customers. It has achieved 1+ million downloads globally due to a variety of useful functions, customer support, and social media presence. So, what is Amasia app like, and how to register here? Check the guide below.

amasia app

Amasia Benefits & Features

Since its launch, Amasia has focused on openness and trust between its customers. In addition, the authors have developed a multifaceted Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to explain the app’s commitment to these principles.

Amasia Benefits & Features

So here are the things that reflect that:

  • The app’s multi-lingual translation will help you find friends from China, Korea, Japan and some other countries where you can set up Amasia.
  • Connect with a large audience of users from 140+ countries.
  • Smart recommendation algorithms can help find friends based on your age, interests, region.
  • File a complaint or ban people who behave inappropriately.

Though its success is not comparable to competing dating apps like Tinder, it is growing and inviting new users to set up Amasia and create an account. However, now the app is rated two stars on Apple Store and three stars on Play Market. The users mention lags, crashes, and insufficient updates.

The application has a reachable 24/7 customer support service, runs a blog to post new updates and news, and maintains a presence across social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook to stay connected to the audience. If interested, consider downloading the application and registering.

Amasia Account Registration

It has a straightforward registration process, including simple KYC procedures. To sign up an Amasia account, you must provide the necessary permissions, agree to the TOS, choose your gender and age, enter your name, nickname, and password.

Then, they request your phone number. The software needs the phone to ensure protection and privacy. Also, it’s helpful to find and block scammers, which is pretty important for a dating application like Amasia. It allows you to restore an Amasia account if you lose it and lets others find you

Aside from these security benefits, you don’t have to reveal your identity by providing any real information to register. No one will notice if you fake your name and age. You can also painlessly bypass the number requirements by entering spare SIM or virtual phone numbers. Of these two options, the latter is better.

You won’t need to provide your documentation to get the substitute number. No mobile devices and additional software applications are required either; it’s a cloud-based technology. The app won’t know the difference if you create Amasia account with one of these. Finally, they are 100% legit. But even if they weren’t, they are untraceable.

Can I Create Amasia account without a Phone Number?

Plenty of services provide these to lease or buy under varying conditions, which include the list of supported services, countries, and prices. SMS-Man offers stable and cheap virtual numbers which you enter to create Amasia account or pass the registration in 1000 extra web-services.

virtual phone number for amasia

So, how to receive a one-time virtual phone number for Amasia? Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign up for using your e-mail or social media account.
  2. Open the “Top Up my Balance” option to make a deposit.
  3. Once you have deposited, tap the “Buy SMS” button. Select the country and the Amasia app.
  4. Find and copy the virtual number in the “History” section.
  5. Use it when registering and wait for the verification code.
  6. To get it, go back to SMS-man and click “receive SMS”.
  7. Complete the process of creating an account.

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