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Can I Have Two GCash Accounts?

Can I Have Two GCash Accounts?

The GCash registration lets you make p2p and b2b money transfers predominately in the Philippines by linking the wallet to various banks and financial institutions both in and outside the country. Owning multiple accounts might be beneficial, but phone number requirements during registration stand in the way of that.

The app makes money via fees on certain operations, including deposits, withdrawals, actions with the MasterCard, Credit, Loan programs, and others. If you’ve been wondering how to create GCash account without phone number, we can help. First, let’s highlight the app’s features.

gcash app

Why Do You Need to Pass GCash Registration?

The GCash is constantly adding new features to attract new customers worldwide. GCash made Philippines into a more modern and prominent player in the realm of international finances. These efforts simplified the life for ordinary people.

Why Do You Need to Pass GCash Registration?

Here are the reasons you might consider a GCash registration:

  • GCash supports 40 banks in the Philippines and abroad.
  • Get pre-approved loans for up to 125.000P, no collateral.
  • Get secured via insurance plans in a few clicks.
  • Sizeable bonuses and loyalty programs for all users.

GCash created a reliable, secure and fast application for money transfers. You can use GCash in affiliation with numerous banking organizations. In short, GCash registration is beneficial for many reasons. The security algorithms, protocols and further measures are an integral part of the app.

Additional features include MasterCard-powered debit cards, credit card programs, and pre-approved loans for up to 125,000P. You can invest into affiliated funds and stocks using the GFunds feature and make transfers both within and outside the service.

You can download the app and join its growing community of 80+ million users. It might be inconvenient, partly because GCash demands a phone number to register. So, if you’re wondering about the registration details or how to create GCash account without phone number, the next part can help.

GCash Registration Procedure & Features Explained

The system needs you to submit an address in the Philippines and their national phone number to register an account. It has to do with that the system focuses on customer protection, and these pieces of information help improve it. Additionally, it’s required by the law.

GCash Registration Procedure & Features Explained

So, the registration process includes four easy steps:

  1. Tap in the phone number.
  2. Specify an OTP consisting of six digits.
  3. Enter, check, and confirm your address information.
  4. Set your PIN code and finalize the registration.

But can you create multiple GCash accounts with this in mind? You might want to own several wallets for different purposes, such as to separate p2p and b2p transfers, create separate wallets for friends and family, etc.

One way to create several accounts is to buy multiple SIM cards. Even then, the service could restrict your registration attempts if you aren’t a Philippine. It’s better to buy several Philippine phone numbers online. There are several methods, but virtual numbers seem the most optimal.

The virtual phone number can help you bypass the phone number requirements during GCash registration and create multiple accounts. Virtual numbers require no personal information, unlike SIM cards. Moreover, they are hard to track and very cheap. So, what are these virtual numbers?

Virtual  Phone Number for GCash from SMS-man

Virtual phone numbers operate as a cloud-based technology, no mobile devices or applications are required to operate them. You can purchase a number from any country without much difficulty, including the Philippines. They’re perfect if you need 2 GCash accounts.

Plenty of services including SMS-man offer these numbers to rent or purchase. They’re 100% anonymous, untraceable, and legal. GCash won’t find out if you submit these numbers instead of a regular number. Customers can buy a virtual message or rent a number for longer.

The leased numbers last up to four months, perfect for creating many accounts in short succession. The one-time virtual numbers, meanwhile, accept the verification codes just the same, and they are cheaper. It’s a matter of convenience, mostly.

virtual phone number to create Gcash accounts

So, here is how to create a GCash account without phone number:

  1. Sign up for using e-mail adress or your social media.
  2. Use the “Top Up my Balance” option to make a deposit.
  3. Once you’ve replenished your balance, click “Buy SMS”. Select your country and Gcash app.
  4. Find and copy the virtual number in the “History” section.
  5. Use it when registering and wait for the verification code.
  6. To get it, go back to SMS-man and click “receive SMS”.
  7. Complete the process of creating an account.

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