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How to Make a Yubo Account without a Phone Number

How to Make a Yubo Account without a Phone Number

Yubo is an app designed in France to give people a social networking platform. It let’s you contact others in peer-to-peer dialogues, broadcast your activities, and others. It’s like competing services such as Instagram and Facebook, but stands out with its unique features and brand identity.

Its total audience is 60+ million customers, mainly based in Europe and the USA. Yubo’s business model relies on optional chargeable functions that enhance your experience. They also run ads, but you don’t have to watch them. So, what is Yubo benefit-wise and how to sign up? Check the guide below.

yubo app

Why Would You Want a Yubo Account?

Its developers are two French engineering students, who aimed to design a multifaceted networking tool. Originally known as Yellow, it was an unofficial add-on for Snapchat to help users search for new contacts. It has eventually transformed into a separate service with unique functionality.

Why Would You Want a Yubo Account?

Before passing the Yubo registration procedure, it’s recommended to view its benefits. Here is a brief list:

  • State-of-the-art recommendation algorithms, focusing on user interests, age and location.
  • Watching ads here is optional; if you watch one, you will gain 5 YuBucks.
  • Spend YuBucks to make purchases like boosting your visibility in the Swipe section, or adding extra positions in your friend list.
  • Swipe section is where the system suggests new folks to you. If you haven’t got YuBucks, you can pay some money to promote your Yubo account.

The app’s authors have eliminated all traditional metrics, including likes, forwards or subscriptions. The only way to track the account’s performance is to observe the audience engagement in your streams. It reflects the authors’ dedication to creating genuine friendships among users via a social networking platform.

To accomplish this, the authors incorporated modern internet communication formats, including chatrooms, live streaming, and online calls. Given all these features, no wonder the app has attracted 60M+ users to create Yubo accounts. If interested, give it a try. The registration may require some uncomfortable details, able to push somebody away.

Yubo App — Registration Explained

The sign-up procedure is comparable to other networking platforms. They ask you to confirm your identity by passing a simple procedure, where you submit a piece of your private information. It helps them improve protection, and battle, bots, fraudsters, and criminals.

Yubo Registration

To pass Yubo registration, check this tutorial:

  1. Share your name, birthdate, and gender, then click continue.
  2. Set a photo, tap in a username and specify a password.
  3. Verify a phone number via a code from an SMS message.
  4. Share your location (optional).
  5. Agree to their TOS and policies.

The number is relevant for Yubo to accomplish the aforementioned goals. It’s helpful if you need to get back your account. Additionally, it’s required by double encryption technology, which protects your private chat history, and calls.

Can you use Yubo without a phone number? Yes, it is possible to bypass SMS verification by using spare SIMs, eSIM cards, or virtual phone numbers. We recommend the last option for several reasons. The virtual numbers operate through cloud-based software that avoids mobile devices or programs in operation. With this innovation, you can use any country’s national digits, and it will work for most services. They are not prohibited, and you’re free to create Yubo account anonymously with them.

How to Pass Yubo Registration without a Phone Number?

You can use SMS-man platform to create Yubo account without using your private phone number. We offer virtual numbers for one-time SMS verification and long-term rent of up to 3 months. The first option is suitable for registering accounts in online services such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and others. The second option is a convenient solution if you need to receive multiple SMS messages or use it again after a while. Both options can be suitable for Yubo registration, but the first option is cheaper if you need a single verified account on the platform.

virtual phone number for yubo

If interested, check out the below guide to registering in Yubo with a one-time substitute number:

  1. Register at via an e-mail account or your social media.
  2. Use the “Top Up Your Balance” option to make a deposit.
  3. Once you’ve replenished your balance, click “Buy SMS”. Select your country and Yubo app.
  4. Find and copy the virtual number in the “History” section.
  5. Use it when registering and wait for the verification code.
  6. To get it, go back to SMS-man and click “receive SMS”.
  7. Complete the process of creating an account.


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