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eSIM & Virtual Numbers. Bringing Innovation to Communication

eSIM & Virtual Numbers

We live in a hyper-connected world. Communication is central to every business, organization, government, and society. Furthermore, we spend most of the time on the go and demand round-the-clock communication. There is no more need to possess a physical SIM card in order to make phone calls and use the internet. eSIM technology provides us with all the benefits of a physical SIM card. Moreover, we no longer need real phone numbers for cellular connectivity. Virtual phone numbers supply all the advantages of real phone ones. eSIM & virtual numbers are innovative tools. These let people stay connected over the internet. An eSIM provides discontinue internet connection. Virtual numbers, in their turn, offer resilient communication options. They also add a layer of privacy, which many of us worry about. With that said, let’s discuss their peculiarities in detail. We’ll help you understand how to use eSIM & virtual numbers.

eSIM virtual numbers

What is eSIM?

eSIM is a new version of a real SIM card. An eSIM integrates into your eSIM-enabled device’s motherboard. You should check if your device is eSIM-enabled. You scan a QR code, which downloads the profile into your device. There is no more waiting for a SIM card to arrive by mail or picking it up from a shop! There is no need to waste precious vacation time acquiring a local prepaid card upon arrival. You can start using eSIM after downloading a profile. There is no need to send an activation request to anybody. It doesn’t require a real SIM slot for installation. You can use an eSIM as a primary or secondary backup connectivity solution.

Some eSIMs let you use the services of one chosen wireless network. Others let you use several operators with the best coverage in the country where you live or travel. It depends on the provider whose eSIM you use.

You should enjoy Keepgo eSIM data bundles if all this sounds luring to you. You can install the needed eSIM profile on any of your gadgets and use the balance for a lifetime. If you refill it with any amount at least once a year, your data isn’t going to expire anytime. You may choose from 10+ eSIM data bundles. Each eSIM data bundle has unique pricing. Each of them has unique coverage, privacy IP address, etc.

Keepgo eSIMs have coverage in 100+ countries. They work in the US, Canada, Europe and so on.

You can use two and more leading connectivity providers in each country. For example, you can use the services of both AT&T and T-Mobile without the need to switch between different eSIM profiles. eSIM does not provide a phone number. It is a connection for data through the internet.

Keepgo eSIM data bundles

What is a virtual number?

A phone number called virtual is like a regular one but has no physical existence. Virtual numbers from SMS-Man let you sign up for Facebook, Telegram, Amazon, WhatsApp, Tinder, etc.

It gives you an extra number to sign up for accounts on social media networks and instant messengers.

There is no need to go to a retail store to obtain a virtual mobile number. The procedure is automatic and takes a few minutes to complete.

A virtual number is a go-for solution for the uninterrupted service of your platform. It also lets you run SMS activation while signing up for a selected website or application.

Such a feature is the best choice if you need a one-time or mass verification of profiles. You can use it only when data connectivity (such as eSIM or WiFi) is present.

SMS-Man virtual numbers

Can you use an eSIM & virtual number?

A quick answer is yes. You can! It’s one of the best solutions for everyone looking for uninterrupted connectivity. It’s your best choice if you need to preserve online anonymity and the highest level of security.

An eSIM offers wireless connectivity services. It lets you browse the web and communicate with friends or colleagues. Keepgo provides you with an IP address that helps you to put out of sight your real IP location. It keeps your connection safe and sound. No third parties will learn about your connection’s details unless you share them.

You need internet access to install and start taking advantage of the virtual mobile phone. So adding an eSIM profile to your device enables instant internet access. It allows you to rent a virtual number to expand the scope of your online possibilities further.

Do you value the comfort of using the internet anytime, anywhere? Do you need to keep your identity in full privacy and get quick access to the required services with a few clicks? Try the combination and enjoy all the benefits of using eSIM & virtual numbers yourself!

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