How to create a Rumble account without a phone number?
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How to create a Rumble account without a phone number?


Rumble is a Canadian video hosting service similar to YouTube, except with a few tweaks, it can become your agent to promote your content online and your videos are monetized instantly after verification (usually takes 10 to 30 minutes). In more simple terms, Rumble has 3 types of monetization and each type of monetization is connected separately to each of your videos. So, you can choose for each video in your Rumble account the monetization that suits it best.

How activate its monetization?


To understand it, first of all we need to know types of monetization in Rumble. There are

1. Video Management (exclusive).

Full exclusive management. You give an exploratory right to distribute your video on the internet. All you need to do is upload your content to Rumble, choose desired monetization option for your video. Rumble will then publish your videos to other social media networks and advertise them for promotion. In addition, all your videos will be tracked on YouTube via the Content ID system and monetized to Rumble and you will receive 60% of the total revenue generated. Rumble also has a YouTube channel and can publish your videos to it as well.

– This kind of monetization can be appropriate for people, who live in countries/regions, where YouTube and other social networks do not cooperate in monetization. For more details about countries where monetization is not available on YouTube, see the help on YouTube.

– Let me warn you right away that you can upload videos from Rumble to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo absolutely for free with any kind of monetization, but there will be some restrictions. Besides, Rumble has paid service Ad Integrations, with which you can upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Pinterest without any limits, and on different channels, for 10$ to 500$ monthly fee.

2. Video Management (excluding YouTube).

Full exclusive management without YouTube. Everything is the same as in first type of monetization, except that your videos won’t be touched by YouTube. In other words, you will manage your own YouTube channel and make 100% income from it (Rumble will not take 40% income from your YouTube channel), and no video pirates who will try to publish your videos on their YouTube channels will not be monetized by Rumble via Content ID system. Automatically uploading videos from the Rumble to YouTube is also possible.

– This kind of monetization is suitable for those who have a channel on YouTube. Before selecting such kind of monetization it is recommended to contact the Rumble support team. it is possible to agree on additional exemptions to social networks other than YouTube. This you can find out yourself and if you find out, please write a comment if you managed to do this.

3. Rumble Only .

Ordinary monetization on Rumble. This kind of monetization is similar to YouTube monetization. You simply publish your content to Rumble and it get your benefit from it. 60% of the income is for you and 40% for Rumble.

– This type of monetization is suitable for those who personally promote their videos on various social networks themselves. Personally, I chose it at the initial development of the channel. In the future, I will record some exclusive videos for the first type of monetization to test its effectiveness and write a new article about it.

4. No monetization Personal Use .

There’s also a fourth column in the monetization section, which is disabling monetization. You’re downloading a video for home viewing and you don’t want to use it for commercial purposes. For example, you recorded a video of your relatives’ wedding and published it for personal viewing by your family/relatives.

How to create a rumble account without phone number?

Just like all other famous services this one needs Rumble account verification. Here is a short instruction for how to obtain a number for simple one-time SMS reception which is currently the most popular choice among users:

1. In 3 steps create an account at

SMS-Man register

2. Top up your balance with one of payment methods which you can see on the according tab.

SMS-Man recharge

3. On the main page of the platform choose the country of the virtual number.


4. below you will find a list of services where you will need to select Rumble. 


5. Click the purchase button to receive a virtual phone number for Rumble.sms-man

7. Once you purchase it, use it to send the verification message. Press “Get SMS” to obtain the code from the Rumble.

This is it. With this feature, you can create accounts on various websites and apps in unlimited amounts.
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