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How to create Airbnb account without phone number

Airbnb account

With the modern and fast-paced life, it’s very important to be able to book accommodation anytime in a matter of minutes. This is what an Airbnb account is usually created for. But what to do if somehow the platform doesn’t accept your own phone number so it becomes impossible to book accommodation? The solution is simple. SMS-Man provides virtual phone numbers that allow to create an Airbnb account and access all its features with no difficulties.

Airbnb app

Airbnb account: main features

At this moment there are millions of people in the world using online booking services. For sure, most of them have an Airbnb account and actively using it. Though this is not surprising as it gives access to the following features:

  • Booking accommodations in specific locales;
  • Placing offers for renting out own houses;
  • Getting free housing in case of refugees and disaster victims.

So it is easy to see that completing Airbnb verification has a lot of advantages. But for this, it is necessary to complete the mobile verification. Read below to find out how to do this without using your own phone number.

How to create Airbnb account without phone number?

Cannot receive the Airbnb verification code with your own phone number? A virtual phone number solves this issue easily. You can get such a service in a few hundred countries with SMS-Man. In order to buy Airbnb phone number for SMS verification it is enough to:

1. Sign up for an account at and replenish its balance using Coinbase, Payeer, AdvCash or another available payment method from the list.

2. On the homepage of the website choose country dialing code and Airbnb.

3. Press the according button to make a purchase.

4. Request a text message on the received virtual phone number.

5. Click on «Get SMS» to see the verification code and finish the account creation process.

This is how anyone can create an Airbnb account without using his own phone number. In addition, there are no quantitative restrictions. Virtual phone numbers make it possible to create an unlimited amount of Airbnb accounts in different countries and use them along with all the existing features of this service.

Get a free virtual phone number to receive Airbnb verification code

Not everyone can afford to pay for SMS verification services due to one or another reason. It is understandable and not critical since there is also another way. You can create do Airbnb verify or register an account for free using virtual phone numbers from our channel on Telegram. This option was created especially for those who somehow cannot pay for private services.

You need to simply open the channel, copy the last phone number from the list as it is active for sure and request on it the Airbnb verification code. After that wait for the tab with text messages to get updated automatically or click the «Get SMS» button to see your one-time password. Phone numbers on the channel are renewed every 4 hours. It means that with it everyone can create new Airbnb account up to 6 times daily without paying anything at all. So this is surely worth giving it a try.

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