How to bypass Skrill account verification without a phone number
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How to bypass Skrill account verification without a phone number


Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) is a digital wallet app established in 2001. It offers various online payment and money transfer services. Today we will tell you why is it needed to make a Skrill account with a virtual phone number and how to do that easily, stay tuned.

Skrill is a very useful app in the world of online money. It works in more than 120 countries and more than 40 currencies, so you won’t face trouble with international money transfers.

As usual, payment applications become victims of scams and data leaks. So let’s secure your Skrill account with some of our advice for the safety of personal data.

What can happen with your Skrill account?

It seems to you that you won’t become a victim while you have a low balance on your wallet. But the real world is scarier than you could think.

Data leaks and personal data selling can make you lots of problems in your usual life. Your phone will burn with hundreds of spam calls from marketing companies, burner SMS, and so on.

Also, you can be a victim of hackers. They can get access to your payment methods from your Skrill account. It can cause huge money stealth. And why do you have to use a fake phone number? Take a look.

Why do you have to use a virtual phone number?

Here are some reasons why you have to use it. I will list the most important, hope it will make sense.

  • Anonymity: using fake credentials will help you stay anonymous on the Web. So your real phone number won’t be in hands of marketers and scammers
  • Safety: hackers can steal your phone number and get access to it. If you use a fake phone number, your phone number will be burned after your SMS activation. That means that SIM won’t be in hands of a hacker
  • Priority: you can choose the fake phone numbers from every country you know. Using USA, UK, and Australia virtual phone numbers will grow you in eyes of service.

If it makes sense, let’s continue with buying a virtual phone number for your purposes.

Where can I buy a virtual phone number?

There are lots of phone number providers, but I will recommend only SMS-Man.

Here you can buy fake phone numbers from more than 150 countries for more than 2000 apps. Significant support will help you anyway 24/7. Prices are low, so you can buy it for below 1$ easily.

SMS-Man works for your comfort and anonymity every day, and I will show you how you can use SMS-Man with Skrill verification.

How to create Skrill account?

Go through our small and easy guide on how to buy a verified Skrill account with SMS-Man.

  1. Go to SMS-Man and pass through a simple sign-up proceduresms man create account
  2. Top up your balance with one of the recommended payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, Stripe, bank card, WeChat, and AliPay.
  3. Return to the main page and choose a suitable country for Skrill phone number. In my case, it will be the USA.Screenshot
  4. Click “Show all services” and search for Skrill, then click “Buy”Screenshot
  5. Go to Skrill’s main page and click RegisterScreenshot
  6. Fulfill the form with your credentialsScreenshot
  7. You will see that page. Screenshot
  8. Click “Get a Skrill card” and fulfill a new form (fake data accepted)Screenshot
  9. On the new form, you will see the phone verification fieldScreenshot
  10. After you send your bought phone number, App will show a verification code form. Return to SMS-Man to get the code
  11. After a few minutes click “Get SMS”. If SMS is received, you will have a code Screenshot
  12. Fill the last form with your code and be happy, that’s all!

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