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How to bypass eBay verification without mobile number

bypass eBay verification

Even though there are regularly appearing new online marketplaces the question of how to bypass eBay verification keeps staying relevant. The reason is one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling goods still attracts millions of people around the world. Overmore, compared to previous years, its turnover has grown significantly. So there is nothing surprising at all. In this article, we will explain all possible reasons and how to complete eBay verification without a phone number using virtual phone numbers service.

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Why would someone need to bypass eBay verification?

This goal may sound incomprehensible to ordinary users of online marketplace. But there are a lot of situations when someone would need to bypass eBay verification without phone number. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Cannot use own phone number. This is the most common situation as eBay does not support all countries. Also sometimes it is simply not possible to use own phone number because it is blocked or lost.
  • Need to create a new or second account. There is no way to verify one phone number with two or more profiles. So, in case there is a need to create a new or second account, users have to get for this another phone number by buying a new SIM card or using SMS receiving platforms.
  • Trying to restore a frozen or blocked eBay account. Getting an account blocked on online marketplaces is a common thing. We are not going to get into reasons for blocking, however, in every such case bypassing verification is the most popular solution for getting a profile unblocked.

For sure, as was stated above, these are the only most common situations in which someone would need to bypass eBay verification. There are much more of them. But regardless of the reason each of them is tied to the need to use a mobile phone number.

How to bypass eBay verification with a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers are a perfect tool for solving different tasks regarding internet accounts. It also includes eBay verification. You can do this within a few steps. Follow our step-by-step guide to find out how it works:

1. Complete the simple registration process and sign up for account.

2. Use a suitable payment method from those that are presented on the according tab and add funds to your balance on the platform.

3. Open the homepage of SMS-Man and select the country dialing code for the virtual phone number.

4. Scroll down to the apps tab and select eBay. 

5. Click the purchase button.

You have received a virtual eBay phone number. Enter it on the online marketplace account verification form and send the verification code to it. Here comes the last step. For completing it switch back to SMS-Man and press the “Get SMS” button that is placed next to your phone number. As a result, there will appear a code to finish bypass eBay verification process.

Virtual phone number to bypass eBay verification for free

It is not always possible to pay for service due to different reasons. Though there is no issue at all. You can get a free virtual phone number to bypass eBay verification using our channel on Telegram. It is operating exactly for such situations. There every 4 hours we provide fresh phone numbers from different countries that are available for completing any related internet tasks including bypassing eBay verification. You should definitely try it!

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