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How to buy Non-VoIP number for SMS verification

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP-telephony is the voice communication via Internet. Unlike traditional telephone communication, which takes place via telephone lines or mobile network. At the moment the main purpose of IP-telephony is cheap or free long distance and international calls. To make these calls, you need to use the services of one of the IP-telephony providers and you can call from a computer, an IP-phone or a regular phone. How to buy Non VoIP number for SMS verification?

What is VoIP

Verification by phone number via SMS

Authorization by SMS solves several specific problems for services:

  1. Verification of the data entered by the user (= phone number entered exists);
  2. Elimination of duplicate registrations/accounts (one phone number = one account);
  3. Linking account/personal account to user’s cell phone number;
  4. Increasing of transactions security;
  5. Increasing validity of SMS or Internet voting results.

For users, the non voip phone numbers verification by sms proves:

  • That he is a person, not a robot;
  • Insurance against unauthorized access to their account or personal account.

How to get a Non-VoIP number

You can get a number for verification using toll-free number services, using google voice, as well as many sms activation services.

But all this is also available at The site provides both toll free numbers and number rentals, and it is possible to use it to create a google voice account if you don’t have a USA phone number.

Working with the service is quite simple all you need is to go to the main page, create an account and top up your balance. After registration the service can be used not only through the website, but also through the application, telegram bot and API. How to get a non voip number for sms verification you can learn from the video below.
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