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How can I use Badoo without a phone number

How can I use Badoo without a phone number

When it comes to dating and finding a partner for a relationship, people choose very carefully. If for any reason, you prefer using a dating platform for this purpose instead of getting to know people in real life, it’s important for the service to be convenient, easy to use and safe.

Badoo is a London-based number one dating website, founded by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev, who served as CEO until 2019. After that, Badoo has been run by the CEO of Bumble, a well-known American dating service. Since its emergence in 2006, Badoo has already attracted over 530 million people all over the world overtaking its main rival Tinder. Over 40% of Badoo users are between the ages of 25 and 35 years old.

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Why do so many people choose Badoo over other services? Why does it require a phone number for verification? Is it a reliable service to share your personal data with and how does it ensure data security and privacy? What else can you do instead of putting your real phone number digits to the platform for passing verification? In this article, we will answer these questions and tell you how to use SMS-man to create an anonymous Badoo account.

How can I use Badoo without a phone number

Badoo Pros and Features: better than Tinder?

Badoo is considered a more complete social network for finding a love partner and friends than the aforementioned Tinder. While Tinder’s algorithms select users based solely on their level of physical attractiveness, when you sign up on Badoo, you need to fill out a full profile. In addition to physical parameters, they ask users about their personality traits, favorite foods, hobbies, interests, and more. Using this information, the platform connects people who have a lot in common, but not just similar profile ratings.

As with most services like Badoo, you can meet new people, chat, upload photos and videos and even video call. After creating an account on Badoo, instead of just looking for people, you can also see what country the online users are in. Provided, of course, that their geolocation is enabled. This feature is called “People Nearby”.

In addition, by checking other users’ profiles, Badoo allows users to see all of their mutual friends. Which again makes it more of a social networking platform rather than just a dating app.

You don’t have to pay to use Badoo’s basic features because it operates as an open-source platform. But, as with most modern online services, you will need a phone number to verify Badoo. The question is how the platform protects user data and how secure it is on the company’s servers.

Data Security on Badoo: Is It Trustworthy Enough?

We just told you that Badoo asks for your phone number to complete your registration. But why would it do that? Well, let’s find out.

The fact is that one of Badoo’s main policies is to keep the platform free of bots, spammers, scammers, and fake profiles. That’s why the company has even developed a feature to verify people when they are on the site. It allows you to verify whether you’re talking to the same person as in the photo or not.

To verify users more precisely, Badoo also implemented photo verification, which is manually checked by the platform’s moderators. To make the photo verification process more difficult for fake users, after creating a Badoo account, each user is asked to mimic a specific pose.

According to various sources, Badoo is quite a trustworthy organization not selling users personal data to any third parties. Due to the platform using reasonable practices to protect user data, there’ve been no confirmed incidents of data breach.

But here’s another issue. When talking about dating, many people often want to keep as much information private as possible. So, when registering for Badoo app or signing up for another online service, be careful with not importing contacts from your address book. Or, which is even more convenient, use a virtual phone number designed specifically for registrations.

How to use a virtual number to sign up to Badoo

Similar to a regular SIM-card connected to a physical phone line, thanks to special software on the provider’s side all incoming SMS-messages to virtual numbers are forwarded to your personal account. Being cheap, secure and much more affordable than buying a second SIM card, it’s a great alternative for people who care about protecting their data.

Virtual Phone Number for Badoo

Here’s how you can complete your Badoo registration using virtual numbers from SMS-man:

  1. Log in or create an account on the platform using your email;
  2. Find the ” Top up my balance” button and use one of the available payment systems to make a deposit.
  3. Choose any mobile operator country and “Badoo” service on the main page;
  4. Click on the “Buy” button next to the selected service to add the phone number to the “History” section;
  5. Copy it from the “History” section and use it to validate your account;
  6. When the system asks for a confirmation code, go back to SMS-Man and click on ” Receive SMS “;
  7. Enter the verification code to complete the verification process.

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