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Facebook Account for Advertisement: How to Buy?

Facebook advertisement

Facebook became the most popular web platform for advertising purposes a long time ago. Many businesses use it to reach customers and suppliers. But this is not the only feature provided by that service. First and foremost, Facebook is a social network where users can send messages, make posts and share images, videos, news, or other internet stuff. It is even possible to order food through this platform. In this article, although, we will talk only about using it for advertising purposes, and to be more exact, about how to buy one or multiple Facebook advertisement accounts.

Facebook Ads logo

Introduction to Facebook Ads

Every person who uses Facebook sees advertisements on almost every page of this social network. They pop up in groups as well as on profile pages of other people, Instagram feed and stores, and even WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. There are numerous opportunities for those who want to use it for advertising their products or services. Below we will tell how anyone can launch their own ads on Facebook:

1. Firstly, sign up for Facebook or log in with your account.

2. Proceed to the Ads Manager and request access to advertising functions.

3. Explore the page where you can start an advertising campaign, create ads, check statistics, and configure different settings.


On the screenshot above you can see a notification saying that the advertising functions of the Facebook advertisement account are limited. This is a pretty common issue. They may be limited for both new and old profiles. There also could be multiple different reasons for such a situation. You can always try to appeal the limitation. However, according to statistics, it is less likely to give a positive result. Moreover, after general limitations are lifted, the account still may have some shadow limitations on it, which will affect the results of your advertising campaigns.

This is why many people decide to buy Facebook accounts for advertisement or create them. They allow you to stop worrying about any limitations or restrictions and you will always have the opportunity to start a new advertising campaign with another profile or even run multiple campaigns at the same time. SMS-Man provides a great option for everyone to do this.

How to buy a Facebook advertisement account?

There are multiple ways to do this. But in our opinion, the best way is the way that involves using virtual phone numbers. There are two reasons for this. First of all, it is cheaper than buying accounts from someone who registered it using the same way. Usually, sellers try to sell them for several times the cost of virtual numbers themselves. Secondly, it is more secure. You can be sure that you will be the only owner of your profiles and no one won’t take control of them at any time. This is how to buy or create Facebook accounts for advertisement with this method:

1. Open the sms-man.com page, find the registration form, and sign up for a new account in a convenient way.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Top up your balance with any payment method from those that are available for use.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Go to the main page and select where your number or numbers will be located.

4. Scroll the page to a tab with supported online services and find Facebook.

5. Click on “Buy SMS”.

6. Copy the received virtual phone number and use it for registration on the social network.

7. Apply for access to advertising functions on Ads Manager.

You have successfully purchased a Facebook advertisement account and now can start your advertising campaign. This account is completely ready for use. But how do you buy multiple accounts if there is such a need?

How many Facebook accounts can you have?

Multiaccounting is a popular approach on many websites and apps. Facebook is no exception. It is common to have multiple accounts on this platform even if it us solely for personal use, not to mention advertising purposes. The good news is that virtual numbers for Facebook make it possible for everyone to have an infinite number of accounts.

It is necessary to take and activate more numbers to do so. There are no limitations on how many virtual phone numbers each user can take advantage of, thus, there are no difficulties with doing this. You only have to keep in mind that buying multiple accounts for Facebook advertisement purposes with the same IP address may cause all accounts to be blocked. Because of this, we recommend using VPN and changing your IP address for every account. This will help you to avoid the described problem.

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