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Facebook account for Advertisement: how to buy?

Facebook became one of the most popular platform for advertisement not so long ago. A lot of companies use Facebook for searching, contact customers and suppliers. But it is not all opportunities of network.

Introduction in Facebook Ads

Every real user of Facebook sees advertisement everywhere: pages, groups, Instagram feed and stories, even Whatsapp and Messenger. I will tell you, how you can start your own adcampaign.

  1. To start campaign you need to have access to Ads Manager facebook-ads-manager
  2. Here you can start campaign, create ads, see all statistics and more ads-stats
  3. As you see on screenshot, I have not access to Ads, what can I do?

Getting Ads account

If your account going to check or being banned, there are 3 solutions:

  • Pass check – Facebook can ask you to send selfie, video, receive sms or even send your ID card(like I did)
  • Buy new Ads Account! It is cheap, fast and confident.
  • Make your new account.


Lets see how I do it:

  1. Lets go to market-clan.com market-clan
  2. Go main page: market-clan-facebook
  3. Choose suitable account and click “Buy”
  4. Put your contact info and choose Freekassa as payment method. freekassa
  5. Pay, get your account instantly and make your ads campaign better!
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