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Delete Lyft account in 2022

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Delete Lyft account is the same easy as to delete it in Airbnb. If you got bored using Lyft, this article will easily help you to delete your account as fast as possible, stay tuned!

Delete Lyft account in 2022: First step

The main step to delete Lyft is to log in there via PC or phone app. I used PC to write that article, so that is what I’ve seen on my laptop. lyft account

If you can’t find that menu, log in your account at

Than, let’s click “View profile” and check possible options. Lyft account settings

As we see, there is only log out option, nothing about account deletion. So, how to deal with this service?! It’s much easier you could think! Let’s do it together

Easiest way to delete Lyft account

Go by this link: and you’ll see 2 options, one of which we’ll choose. delete lyft account

So, you have to be logged in browser version of Lyft to deal with that deletion. Let’s click start and check what we will face with. delete lyft account reason

Choose the most appliable reason and click “Next”. delete lyft captcha

On opened form type DELETE and click “Delete account”. delete lyft account final

That’s all! Now your account is successfully deleted.

But, you can easily return to Lyft for free!

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