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How to delete lyft account?

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What is lyft?

Lyft is a service very similar to classic cab ordering. In its functionality it is very similar to Uber, the two apps were released in the same year. With this service, you can either become a driver and earn money driving customers. Or you can order a car to get where you need to go. You can do this through the app available in iOS and Android.

This service does not provide cars. All rides are made by personal cars of drivers. Payment is made within the Lyft app. To be able to register as a Lyft driver, you must be at least 21 years of age.

Why do you need to delete Lyft account?

There may be several reasons to deactivate a Lyft account. Perhaps you were not satisfied with the pricing policy of the app and competitors offered more, or you urgently need free memory on your device. Maybe you don’t like the design of the app or those mustaches that Lyft service drivers place on their cars. Eventually you wondered how to delete your Lyft account? We will now break down the answer to this question in detail.

After all, you may be afraid that your personal information (history of cab rides) will fall into the hands of intruders. Data leaks are not uncommon in IT services and are very painful for both the reputation of the company and the users, whose data ceases to be personal and becomes public.

How to deactivate lyft account?

First of all, to delete a Lyft account, you need to log in to the service via a web browser or smartphone app. Let’s look at the option of using the browser on your computer.


lyft account

Go to the home page of the website. This will open a menu on the right.

Lyft account settings

Even if we try very hard, it is unlikely that we can find the delete account button on this page. To deactivate your lyft profile, go to this link . You must be logged into your lyft account for the link to work correctly.

The page that opens will have two buttons – Download data and Delete account. Click on the first one.

delete lyft account

Next, the service will ask us to specify the reason why we want to delete our lyft account. This request is optional and you will most likely want to ignore it by selecting “Other, or I prefer not to say”

delete lyft account reasondelete lyft captcha

In the last form sent by the service, you will have to enter the word DELETE in the input field and click on “Delete account”. Remember that this action cannot be undone and all your information including your driving history and personal data will be deleted without possibility of recovery.

If everything was done correctly, you will see an inscription about the successful deletion of the account. Congratulations!

delete lyft account final

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