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How to buy virtual SMS number for registration

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Recently it has become commonplace for internet users to buy SMS number to sign up or pass verification on all the existing online apps. It is a cheap way to create multiple accounts and the best option to protect your privacy and anonymity which outperforms even connecting to the proxy server. But still, some people do not use it due to a lack of knowledge about how such a service works. We will fix this by explaining how anyone can easily buy a virtual phone number for SMS with the help of SMS-Man.


What is a virtual phone number for verification?

For those who don’t know it sounds like something complicated and even weird. But in reality, virtual phone number is not much different from a real one. It also has a dialing code that is tied to a specific country, belongs to a certain cell phone carrier, and can be called as well as texted. There is only one difference. It can be used online without having a SIM card. So it allows activating an account from anywhere in the world with a phone number with different dialing codes.

How to buy virtual SMS number for registration with SMS-Man?

You can do this within a few clicks. Follow our detailed guide on how to buy virtual SMS number for registration at SMS-Man:

1. Go to the homepage of our platform and open the registration form.


2. Create and verify an account.


3. Replenish its balance with one from the presented payment methods.


4. Switch back to the homepage and choose desired country dialing code alongside with application to receive the verification code from.


5. Click the buy button.


As a result of following these steps, you will receive a disposable phone number for signing up or completing verification process on the chosen platform. Request on it text message from according app and click the get SMS button to reveal the code. It is important to notice that such a phone number ceases to exist after activation. So, it cannot be used once again after some time.

So, in case it is required to receive multiple verification codes within one phone number, users should visit the rent tab. There everyone can purchase a virtual phone number for a certain period of time to receive an unlimited amount of text messages.

How to use a virtual phone number for free?

It is not always possible to pay for using any service. The reasons can be very different. Starting with the lack of a suitable payment method and ending with the lack of money as such. With this understanding, we have created a special channel on Telegram. On it, everyone can get a virtual phone number for free.


The channel updates every 4 hours. So, it is possible to get up to 6 free virtual phone numbers per day. Just take the one that is active at the moment and request a verification code, then click the get SMS button and use appeared code to create an account on any app without paying anything!

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